21 of the Funniest Crossfit Shirts in 2020


After our more serious review of the crossfit shirts for training we’ve decided to lighten the mood by covering the funnier side of the closet. We’ve carefully reviewed and selected the best crossfit shirts around today that add a bit of humour into our daily lives.

One thing for certain is these tops are funny!

Even for those of you who don’t consider yourself in the “click” with the crossfit world, you’ll absolutely find these hilarious. If you’re a regular training enthusiast you’ll definitely find these witty.

And if you’re like me, you’ll end up buying 2 or 3 of these game changing tops.

Having reviewed over 200 different shirts on the market today, we’ve managed to rank the 21 funniest of them all. Feel free to get involved and send us any other shirts that you believe have to be on this list.

Make some room in your closet and lets jump right into them shall we…

1. This Is My Handstand Fitted T-Shirt

In first place we start off with the must have attire that will have your gym buddies on the floor laughing. This is the hand stand push up t-shirt.

Slick, cool and most importantly hilarious. This shirt come in over 11 different colors and an array of sizes to fit almost everyone. Many of the reviews for this are as you would expect, highly rated.

2. Total Bro Shirt 

99 problems
64 Reviews
99 problems

  • Great T-Shirt
  • Low Cost
  • 50+ positive reviews

Landing the coveted number 2 spot has to be the Jay Z style motto shirt “I’ve got 99 problems but a bench ain’t one”

Is this witty? Yes

Are people going to compliment the shirt? Most likely.

3. Installing Muscles (Yep, still waiting!)

Installing Muscles - Please Wait
54 Reviews
Installing Muscles - Please Wait

  • Funny
  • Comfortable
  • Available in multiple colors

I’ve got to admit I laughed pretty loud the first time I saw this top. That’s for good reason too as this shirt is not only clever but pretty unique too. The Installing muscles, please wait part probably registers with me a little too well.

A must have top for those into their fitness.

4. The 500 Pound Deadlift Shirt

With the tag line, “If the bar ain’t bending, you’re just pretending”. Another witty shirt that makes it into the number 4 spot on our list. It’s funny on so many levels. Worth it’s weight in gold – See what I did there? No. Me either.

5. The Wine Motivation Tank Top

So many other crossfitters will be familiar with the workout daily routines and this unique design will most likely resonate with a few souls. With the t-shirt engraving of WOD now Wine Later this shirt breaks it in to our number 5 position. WOD stands for Workout of the Day. And yes I usually need a glass of wine after completing mine so I get this.

6. Born To Be Awesome

I first saw this one on a friend of mine and he had a smug look on his face the first day he had it on. I was just jealous I hadn’t bought it first. A selection most people people only wish they had. With the tag line “Beast Mode On” I struggled to not have this in the top 10 choices. Eventually this shirt was awarded the number 6 spot, although could equally have been higher up the list.

7. The Confident Yet Unpopular Shirt

I hope most of your friends are involved in crossfit or they’ll instantly dislike you after seeing this one. That’s what makes it so great. The shirt reads “I would flex but I like this shirt”. If you’ve got big arms or just get a smaller size, this option will make people laugh. It comes in multiple sizes, an array of colors and has many positive reviews online. This is undoubtedly one of my favourites on the list.

8. Badass is the new Skinny

“Forget skinny I’m training to become a badass” is a true cross training shirt that will resonate with our readers on here. Wearing this alone will drive your motivation levels forward,.

9. Sleeve Off

Voted in Number 9
520 Reviews
Voted in Number 9

  • Humorous
  • Many different colors and sizes

Another tank top making it into the top 10 list. The top reads “I flexed and the sleeves fell off”. Another one I’d recommend only wearing around the gym or people might think you’re on the arrogant side. Or maybe that’s the look you’re aiming for. Either way this top has charm and it a best seller online. I knew I wasn’t the only person who found it funny.

This top comes in many colors and sizes with over 200+ positive reviews. If I was to choose, it would have to be the navy!

10. Buck Furpees

Buck Furpees
7 Reviews
Buck Furpees

  • Great price
  • Many different colors and sizes

A little more on the crude side but definitely witty all the same. Popular for a reason, most people hate burpees and this shirt can voice your opinion. Not so much fun when you wear this and your instructor makes you do 50 burpees. You’ll be wishing you brought your I love burpees t-shirt.

11. T-Rex No Like Push Ups

T-Rex No Like Push Ups
160 Reviews
T-Rex No Like Push Ups

  • 100% Cotton
  • 6 different sizes
  • Made by the Ann Arbour T Shirt Company

Flat out quality t-shirt with lots of great reviews online. One to watch out for!

12. Hallowed Be Thy Gains

This funny muscle building shirt will catch your eye! Making the no. 12 spot it’s eye catching and unique style will certainly make others smile. Although it only comes in 1 color (black) there are plenty of sizes to choose from.

13. Ultimate T-Rex Leg Day

T-Rex Leg Day

  • Options for men & women
  • 6 different colors

The dinosaurs feature yet again. Monster gains literally on your t-shirt. Straight from the Ann Arbour company this has an 87% fit rate which is pretty strong.

14. I Clean Jerk & Have a Nice Snatch Tank Top

Superluxe Clothing didn’t hold back with this unique design that’s professionally printed in the USA. The color in neon pink is not the only thing that will grab your attention with an amazingly catchy tag line that’s witty, smart and provocative.

15. School Is Important, But Muscles Are Importanter

Classic Crossfit Shirt
58 Reviews
Classic Crossfit Shirt

  • Witty
  • Many different colors and sizes

Just wow, what a top. This can be bought from medium right up to 3XL  Another option from the Ann Arbour range that couldn’t but make it into number 15. Made from 90% cotton and supporting a sport grey color you’re bound to get a few laughs.

16. Funny but nothing to do with Crossfit

Ranked in Position 16
46 Reviews
Ranked in Position 16

  • Comfortable
  • Sold on Amazon Now

We decided to break the mould. This tank top has nothing to do with crossfit but would be very funny to wear to one of your workouts, although it may be your last. At a minimum I hope this made you laugh.

17. Fitness Taco 

Voted in Position 17
530 Reviews
Voted in Position 17

  • Quality top
  • Sold on Amazon Now

Another great top that has made it into our top 20 and rightfully so. With the t-shirt reading “I’m into fitness…fitness taco in my mouth”. Perfect for those of you that don’t actually go to the gym to rub it into your enthusiastic friends’ face.

18. Donald Pump

Donald Pump Shirt
62 Reviews
Donald Pump Shirt

  • Donald Pump shirt
  • Sold on Amazon Today

A logopop design tee that displays the tag line – Donald Pump. Make America Strong Again.

19. I’ll Run but Complain

Fine I'll Run
1 Reviews
Fine I'll Run

  • Great quality, great fit.
  • Options for Men & Women

Landing in at the nineteenth spot is the “Fine I’ll run” t-shirt that many females will resonate with (And males!). Complaining is just part of the workout, right?

20. This is Why I Squat

Voted in Position 20
10 Reviews
Voted in Position 20

  • Squat & laugh
  • Sold on Amazon Today

You’ve worked for it, why not flaunt those arrows at your ass. Nothing is more satisfying than wearing this top when you’ve delivered on those squats.

21. Fit-ish

Voted in Position 21
8 Reviews
Voted in Position 21

  • Fit-ish & humorous
  • Sold on Amazon

The definition of someone who likes the idea of being fit but also likes really likes food. This ring any bells with anyone. Certainly resonates with me sometimes.


There you have it, we’ve covered 21 of the funniest shirts on the market today. You can wear these around town, to your next workout or even around the house. Either way someone will always find them funny. Best of all these are current for 2020.

Although this isn’t an fully extensive list, if you’ve a crossfit obsession you’ll love these t-shirts. If nothing else this will be a great source of motivation to keep going with your workout.

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