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personal trainerThis is a guest post from Jamie who is a well renowned crossfit coach and personal trainer. In this article he outlines a product many of his clients are having success with.

Lets hear from Jamie…

Hey everyone. This is Jamie – I decided to create this article for all of my buddies, providing a review of my results using xtreme no. As a personal trainer, it is important that I stay on top of what is working right now to get maximum results for myself and for my fellow clients.

I had heard about extreme no before but just never got the opportunity to test it out for myself, until recently.

My friends and I were seeing ads for this product all over the internet and I even received emails about it from friends and clients asking for my opinion on it. My friends and I are all genuinely intrigued by using muscle building products – however we’re aware that there are an incredible amount of products out there with nothing but hype. The best thing about it is the fact that for the price of shipping you can get a month’s sample to see if the product works for you.

Xtreme No Muscle Builder

Nowadays, we can find supplements for nearly everything especially when it comes to diet and fitness. With workouts alone, we cannot achieve the muscle mass that we desire easily. Body building supplements are a great way to build the muscles at a faster phase.

If you are working to get an ideal body, you have probably considered having these supplements incorporated into your workouts.

Why not?

They are one of the hottest selling products on the market today. Well, you have more than likely heard of a supplement called “XtremeNo”.


This product is perfect for individuals who don’t want to handle the pressure of long gym hours yet aim to develop serious muscle mass. This is a powerful nitric oxide muscle building supplement that aids in increasing one’s stamina and endurance. The product has been designed with medically and professionally proven ingredients to ensure efficacy and safety of use.

The brand offers you the perfect muscular physique that you have always dreamed of having. So if you are a shy guy wanting to impress ladies, your refined body will certainly boost the confidence in you. After all, girls go gaga over those perfect ripped muscles and beefy looks in men.

What are the Ingredients

The main ingredients for this supplement are L-Arginine and amino acid. L-Arginine transforms itself into nitric ripped 6 packacid that relaxes your blood vessel by building up oxygen levels inside the muscles. By stacking L-Arginine, your veins will get sufficient amount of oxygen that enables you to that take pump even after your gym session has ended.

Since it relaxes the blood vessels, L-Arginine also helps to treat clogged artery chest pain, clogged arteries or arthrosclerosis, coronary artery disease, heart failure, etc. Besides, L-Arginine also makes protein that feeds your muscles and boosts your stamina to a whole different level.

In addition to L-Arginine, the amino acids in this supplement stimulate the nitric oxide throughout the body and help boost oxygen levels. This nitric oxide is very crucial when it comes to working out, as this gas helps to create all the puffs in the body. That is, the more oxygen levels in the muscle growth, the more muscular the muscle tissue becomes.

What Are The Benefits

xtremeno supplement bottleThis product, with all the aforementioned positive points, can be your perfect choice for a body building supplement. It has proved to be a tough guarantor of getting the most out of workouts. In a small time, I started seeing results right away.

For this reason, you do not have to spend the rest of your life in the gym just to get a great body. Aside from getting your ideal muscular physique, the company also promotes strength and stamina that you need towards achieving a productive day at work. It also controls blood pressure, enhances the vitamins in the body, boosts your endurance, power and strength, enhances the blood circulation inside muscles, and promotes the body’s metabolic rate.

Customer Feedback

Body building products are usually featured on different advertisement channels nowadays. Be it on print media, television, and on the internet, you will definitely see tons of convincing advertisements for these products. However, with so many options and choices, these items can confuse your mind as to what fits well for your body. To see if other users were achieving the same results as me, I looked on the net for some responses from customers. Here’s what I found:

“Dude I used to lift all the time and it took much time to notice outcomes. Using this type of stuff, I spotted a change in 23 days! It is kind you posted your story”–Michael

“I had been dubious at first notion, but I am noticing a lot of appealing results after the first two weeks.”– Andy300leonidas

If you are looking for a real product that gains the recommendation of real customers who have already tried it, then be sure to get the sample the company are offering.


From having tested out this product for myself, I became a firm believer in the product. Not only do I have lots of energy and motivation to work out but I also have increased my core strength to show for it. Overall it took me about 1 month to start see great results.

Keep consistent in using it and you’ll start to see results also.

It is important to note this product isn’t some sort of magic bullet. You will need to exercise in conjunction with using this. Not only that but maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is essential. You should start to see your desired results if you follow the products instructions.

Although it worked well for me it goes without saying I can’t guarantee it will work for you.

The company offer customers the chance to get the product by sample (link below) or if you’re aware of how great the product is already you can buy 3 bottles and get 3 free here.

This concludes James’ review of this highly acclaimed product. He has kindly agreed to answer any questions people might have about this product, as well as any tips or advice you need related to crossfit.

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