Crossfit Wrist Wraps That Work in 2021

When it comes to crossfit, cross training wrist wraps are an essential for many. They will give your wrist the support they need while helping prevent strains, sprains, and injuries. But, when buying a wrist wrap, you need to make sure it fits properly. Off-the-shelf products obviously come in three main sizes in most cases (small, medium, and large) to fit a variety of hand sizes.

Once you measure, you can determine which of the three you need. Unlike with gloves, wrist wraps are more easily adjusted since they all are designed with a velcro or hook-and-loop closure you can adjust to fit your exact size. However, you should still think about the width and material of the wrist wrap your purchase.

Here are six of the most popular wrist wraps for cross training. They are made with a variety of materials and with slightly different designs to help you accomplish your goals.

Top 7 Cross Training Wrist Wraps

Our team of experts have conducted research into the market leading wraps around in 2021 that not only provide the support and comfort you require but also at an affordable cost. We’ve highlighted 5 of the top comparisons below which will provide you with an insight into what actually is essential in choosing the right wrist-wraps. In addition to this, we’ve also included 2 other options, providing 7 in total.

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#1 JerkFit WODies 2 in 1 Grips – Editors’ Choice

[amazon box=”B019D7WWVK” title=”Jerkfit WODies 2 in 1″ link_title=”Jerkfit WODies 2 in 1″ description=”

  • Multi Patented
  • 720+ Reviews (Mostly positive)
  • Made in the USA
  • #1 choice rated by our editors.
  • Many colors and sizes (12,18,24).” /]

Rated #1 on the list are the JerkfFit WODies 2-in-1 Grips. As a palm protector and wrist wrap, these give two benefits in one. They are made in America using premium materials and claim to be authentic WODies. Compared to the rip-offs, the description says, this multi-patented design is like nothing else on the market. Multiple color choices are available, all of which feature a black main portion with different colors along the outer edge of the product.

Sizes for these designs range from small to x-large. The description confirms that you should measure your hand prior to purchasing by measuring from the base of your palm to the base of your middle finger. The product seems to have excellent reviews, however, (suspiciously) the top reviewers of the product all chose to use bold font for their review. It does have recent verified purchases where reviewers rate it more around 3 stars, saying they wear out quickly although they work well initially. This is the number one choice recommended by our editors and consumers alike. 

#2 Rogue Fitness Wrist Wraps 

[amazon box=”B01NANMPYU” title=”Rogue Fitness Wraps” link_title=”Rogue Fitness Wraps” description=”

  • Highly comfortable
  • Long lasting
  • Provides greater stability
  • #1 choice rated by our editors.
  • Many colors and sizes (12,18,24).” /]

Making it into our top two are the Rogue Fitness Wrist Wrap which comes in multiple colors and is available in three different lengths (12″,18″ and 24″). This wrist wrap won’t irritate your skin as it’s made from durable materials that absorb sweat. It’s a blend of cotton, elastic, and polyester that will allow for the ideal fit and increased durability without causing rubbing or letting sweat build-up on your skin’s surface. Whenever you’re pressing or going overhead, you should use these for added wrist stability. These wraps are sold in pairs and include a thumb loop. They are closed with a hook-and-loop fastener. Standard wrist wraps, including these, measure 3” in width.

The exact blend of materials is 50% cotton, 10% polyester, and 40% elastic for a more comfortable and ideal fit. They are reasonably priced and cost varies depending on the color you select.

#3 WOD Wear Fitness Wraps 10 pack

[amazon box=”B00TCQYBFI” title=”WOD Fitness Wrist Wraps 10x” link_title=”WOD Fitness Wrist Wraps” description=”

  • Highly comfortable & durable
  • Solid support and allows movement
  • Can be used for a variety of sports.
  • #2 choice rated by our editors.
  • 400+ reviews (Mostly positive)
  • 10 pack available
  • Color options available.” /]

Our number 3 recommendation is from WOD who have quality designs and offer specials on 10 and 3 packs which many users have availed. Whether it’s crossfit, cross training, yoga, football or baseball these are the perfect option. As a result they have been rated #3 on list of best designs for our readers. 

#4 WOD Wear Wrist Wraps

These WOD Wear wrist wraps allow you to lift more weight while protecting your delicate wrist cartilage from injuries caused by overuse. They are recommended for sports, training, gymnasts, and yoga. They come in a variety of neat designs and are made from a non-stretchy, canvas like material. They measure about 33” long by 3” wide along with a 12” string piece to tie them off and keep them together. Reviewers really loved them, but a couple people did say they wished it had a thumb loop on it.

Reviewers say these stay tightly wrapped throughout their workout, and the overall design allows for a complete, custom adjustment to anyone’s sized wrist. It can be changed and adjusted as needed to be the needs of your workout and body. At their low price, these are definitely a worthwhile purchase! 

#5 Nordic Lifting Wrist Wraps

At number five on the list are the Nordic Lifting Wrist Wraps. This set comes with 2 pairs for 4 wraps total. They are 14” long and 3” wide, and perfect for weight lifting and cross training. They’re sold for both men and women with a 1-year, no-hassle replacement policy. They come in a variety of colors and graphic designs. These straps are closed with velcro, which is highly adjustable and durable. Reviewers say they work great and reduce and prevent wrist pain while working out.

People also like that you get two pairs so you’ll always have a clean set in your gym bag. Putting them on is quick and easy, and they do have a thumb loop. The most popular question is whether designs and colors can be mixed and matched with a purchase, but the verdict seems to be no. 

#6 Wod Wear Wrist Wraps

At $19.95, this Wod Wear Wrist Wraps set is similar to number one on the list, but this pack will only get you one thicker pair. The thicker pair is advertised to prevent wrist strains from common moves like front squats, snatch press, back handspring, and more. They are easily adjustment, even during a workout, with a simple twist to the right or left. These are pre-shrunk, machine washable, double bonded, and made of high-quality materials. They offer a 60 day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the wrist wraps you receive.

While some reviewers had issue with the first pair they received, many updated their reviews to confirm they got a replacement of much higher quality that met their needs perfectly. Reviewers like the thumb loop and the thick and sturdy material they are made of. They also state the velcro doesn’t seem like it will be wearing out anytime soon.

#7 Bear Grips Gray Series Wraps

[amazon box=”B01MY9NWAP” title=”Bear Grips” link_title=”Bear Grips” description=”

  • Comfortable Guaranteed
  • Premium material
  • Over 240+ reviews
  • Support your wrists
  • Made in the USA
  • Many color selections available (Grey, Black & White.” /]

Last but certainly not least on this list are the Bear Grips Gray Series Wraps. Priced reasonably, these grips are extremely highly rated. They offer extra-strength, premium materials to keep your wrist in the ideal form while you lift or workout, and they have a strong closure, thumb loop, and quad elastics. You also get a 60-day warranty with your purchase. These come in gray and white with black stripes. It’s made in the USA and reviewers back the quality of it. Even those who say they have tried many other wrist wraps claim these are at the top of the game.

While they won’t physically help you lift heavier, they will allow you to increase the difficulty of your workout by supporting your wrist and helping you avoid injury and pain.


Whichever wrist wrap you choose, make sure it’s made with quality, durable materials. All the options on this list are designed to be highly functional and last you for a long time. While velcro is adjustable, do keep in mind that it can wear out overtime.

So, depending on how often you plan to use your wraps, you might consider getting a hook-and-loop closure or a tie-off closure. All in all, choosing the right wrist wrap comes down to personal preference. Most are 3” wide but some materials are thicker than others, making for a sturdier hold. Whichever one you get should stay in place without slipping around, which can be assisted by a thumb loop.

The material is important as it needs to be something that won’t trap sweat to your skin and also a material that will remain as stiff as needed. Your wrist wraps will ideally be machine washable so you won’t let bacteria build up. While you can find wrist wraps in a variety of different price ranges, you should look for one that stays in place and fit you comfortably.

If the material makes you feel scratchy or if it’s so thick you feel like your movement is too restricted or your wrist is too bulky, you need to look elsewhere. Your wrist wraps are certainly not something you should be fidgeting with at the gym. In fact, they should really be the one thing you can just put on and forget about until your workout is over.

With those things in mind, go through these six options and see which design, material, and thickness you would prefer the most. Since a lot of these options come with a money-back guarantee, you can try them out as needed and switch if you need to.

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