Best Crossfit Gloves for Training in 2021

Lets face it, training can be difficult enough without adding ripping your hands to pieces to the workout routine. crossfit handsCrossfit gloves can protect against the pressures of pinching and rubbing providing you with ultimately better grip as long as the size you’ve selected fits comfortably.

Make sure to get your right size to maximize the results you get, and also be sure that the material of the gloves is breathable so your hands don’t build up too much sweat.

We’ve researched the best gloves on the market today and provide you with the ultimate comparison below, meaning you don’t have to scour the internet for hours. All the research has been done for you – these gloves are ideal for training because they meet all of the priorities described above! Whether you’re looking for the best crossfit gloves for pull ups or with the most comfortable wrist support we have you covered.

Lets jump into our Editors’ top 5 selections shall we…

Top 5 Cross Training Gloves Comparison

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#1 Bear KompleX 3 Hole Hand Grips – (Editors’ Choice)

[amazon box=”B016Z0BBCE” title=”Bear KompleX” link_title=”Bear KompleX” description=”

  • Highly comfortable & equally durable
  • No more ripped palms, guaranteed!
  • Described by many as indestructible
  • #1 choice rated by our editors.
  • Best hand-grips on the planet
  • Comes in an array of colors and sizes.” /]

First off, the Bear KompleX gloves sell for a reasonable price and you’ll see exactly why in this review. They come in multiple colors to fit your tastes, and they claim to give the “best hand grips on the planet”, which is a pretty impressive claim. From the many reviews, as well as our own we’ve found this to be accurate. Many describe these as indestructible, noting their incredible thickness. As a result. it’s no surprise that Bear Komplex have made our #1 choice for consumers. They are made from real leather and feature a custom wrist strap designed for support and comfort. They won’t dig into your wrist, meaning no blisters, circulation issues, or sores at the end of your workout. These come in both 2 hole and 3 hole finger options. The leather is high quality and contributes to the excellent grip strength. After all, your hands should be the least of your worries.

With a short break in, these gloves will become a favorite of your gym bag. People recommended the 2 hole hand grip for muscle ups, but the 3 hole for pull-ups and toes to bar. It really comes down to how you’re going to be training primarily and what your preference is. Reviewers also report they are extremely durable, so not worries about busted seams, rips, or tears, hence the value for money they provide. The leather will undoubtedly outlast your training season! Undoubtedly these are a firm favorite of ours and of course the readers, the reviews online continue to provide praise and the company boast an impressive presence in the grip/glove space. You’re in safe hands with the bear komplex carbon comp grips and as a result we’re happy to recommend these to our readers as the #1 selection on In addition to the above, their customer service has been highlighted as second to none, which is always reassuring as a customer.

#2 Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves

[amazon box=”B0162LPS84″ title=”Mava Sports” link_title=”Mava Sports” description=”

  • Offer a patent pending unique design
  • Strong grip
  • Provide comfort for high impact sessions
  • Can be used for multiple workout activities
  • Over 600 reviews.
  • Many vibrant color options.” /]

Closely in number two on the list, the Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves selection feature wrist supports for weight lifting and other workouts combined. They are made of silicone and are engineered for comfort and durability. You’ll have a strong grip thanks to the unique design of the palm, which is made with an extra layer of silicone for added grip strength. They market it for rope climbing, bodybuilding, deadlifts, kettlebells, dumb bells, and more. Additionally, it’s made with leather and extra silicone padding to reinforce the design and give added support. It also helps prevent calluses.

These gloves sell for a highly reasonable price and come in seven different colors from black to neon green. A size chart specific to these gloves is provided so you can get the perfect fit. They even say which sizes fit women and which men, with all sizes fitting men and up to the medium unisex size fitting women. A perfect choice for those looking to get into a range of different activities such as using pull up bars, weights, various cross fit exercises and even for use on elliptical machines . Equally, it’s been noted by many buyers that the customer service have been highly responsive.

#3 Emerge Crossfit Gloves

[amazon box=”B01JW56JXA” title=”Emerge Cross fit Gloves” link_title=”Emerge Cross fit Gloves” description=”

  • No more torn hands!
  • 100% money back if you’re not happy
  • #3 choice by our editors.
  • Breathable with built in wrist support.
  • 2 colors available.” /]

Sitting comfortable in at a comfortable in the mid-range place of number thress on the list are the Emerge Cross Training Gloves which feature a 100% money back guarantee. These breathable gloves help regulate the temperature of your hand and prevent sweating while also helping you avoid calluses. With padding at the palm and fingers, you can train better and avoid pain. These gloves also have a built-in wrist support. The unique open-back and open-finger design allows freedom of movement and a good feel of the bar, and also makes them easy to break in.

A lot of grips dig into your hand and are uncomfortable to wear. They also restrict movement and cause pinching and blistering, but this open design with textured leather callus guards keep your hands comfortable. Again, follow the size guide to make sure your glove fits right. These can be bought in two different colors, black and neon pink. Reviewers have rated them highly overall with a lot of people complimenting them for the “Y” strap that helps keep the palm more secure. Everyone seems to be pretty happy with them overall.

#4 Go Fit Cross Training Glove

[amazon box=”B00K6XZ78Q” title=”Go Fit Cross Training Gloves” link_title=”Go Fit Cross Training Gloves” description=”

  • Torn hands a thing of the past!
  • #4 rated by our editors.
  • 900 customer reviews
  • 4 colors available.” /]

Second to last on the list is from Go Fit, with an etched, synthetic palm made to look like leather, these gloves provide good grip strength and thermal regulation so your hands don’t overheat. The pull loops make it easy to put them on and pull them off, while the mesh keeps your hands cool. The ergonomic padding releases tension at your pressure points and lessens hand fatigue. If they fit correctly, they’ll provide a comfortable workout session with added grip.

With a price tag typically in the lower range, these gloves do the job alright. Reviewers do complain about durability in some cases, and if the glove you get is too large for your hand, it can lead to calluses. Whichever glove you get, make sure it fits right so it keeps your hand in place. If you’re slipping around inside the glove or having to grip the bar differently to make up for gloves that don’t fit, you’re not going to have much success. Again , if you’re looking for something durable check out our #1 selection, although it’s more expensive that the GoFit, it definitely provides quality and serves it’s purpose for far longer. 

#5 Harbinger Power Weightlifting Gloves

[amazon box=”B00074H73C” title=”Harbinger Power Gloves” link_title=”Harbinger Power Gloves” description=”

  • Bye bye torn hands
  • #5 rated by our editors.
  • 1900 reviews
  • Comes in pairs” /]

Last but certainly not least sitting in at a comfortable number five on the list are the number 5 approved and highly rated design from the Harbinger brand. Featuring a stretchback mesh and a leather palm, these gloves  provide durability and grip strength with the flexibility you’ll need as you move through your workout session. These are half-finger gloves that give protection while the mesh gives added flexibility throughout the wrist and between fingers. The leather palm gives added grip and a firm feel of the bar. The open cell foam is placed at the palm and fingers for added comfort and protection. The wrist closure is fully adjustable as well to fit anyone’s wrist size.

This glove comes in small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large to fi hands form 7.5 to 9.5+ inches. While this glove works excellently in the gym, some reviewers complain they need to be washed/soaked prior to use to get off the excess dye that will otherwise be transferred to your hands as you sweat. With that issue aside, people seem to really like them especially with their value for money price tag! Although they don’t appeal as much as the Bear Komplex, they still pack a punch for those who workout regularly. That just about wraps up our glove reviews from some of the top brands on the market today.

Choosing The Right Ones

There are a few different things to factor into choosing the right cross-training gloves. Fit and material are at the top of the list, with proper fit being an absolute must. You might be able to get away with wearing a size up in your clothing, but when it comes to workout gloves, they have to fit correctly. Gloves that are too large will bulge and cause blisters, while gloves that are too small can restrict circulation and hand movement and also lead to rubbing and calluses. Most gloves feature custom size charts. Simply measure around the knuckle part of your hand and see how many inches it is to fit your gloves. If you’re in between sizes, read the reviews to determine if you should go up or down.

Adjustable wrist closures are a simple necessity but they can make all the difference. All of the gloves on this list feature an adjustable closure which allows you to tighten the glove as needed to keep it in place. Gloves that come with built-in wrist support usually have a wider wrist brand that is typically sewn together with the palm guard to help keep your wrist stable. Don’t underestimate the power of good wrist support! If you’re after more flexibility, however, a open glove design could be exactly what you need for more movement and to keep your hand cool. Having a glove that breathes is important to ensure you aren’t building up sweat inside your glove, which will lead to uncomfortable workout sessions as well.

Every glove is designed differently based on what the brand thinks works best. A glove design that works for you might not work your friend, and vice versa. You need to keep your hand size and the type of training you do in mind. Give whatever glove you get a chance by spending a couple weeks breaking it in. If you find something in the design just doesn’t work for you, like perhaps the wrist support is too stiff or too wide, look for a glove that meets your criteria.

Being able to try on a glove in person before purchasing seems like it might be helpful but honestly, the only way to know if a glove is really going to work for you is if you spend a couple weeks breaking it in at the gym. This process can be uncomfortable, but once your glove is properly broken in, it should last you for a long time. If you find that the “break in” period is lasting a while, i.e., the glove isn’t working for you, definitely stop using it after a couple weeks and find a glove that fits properly. There is nothing worse than working out with blisters!

We hope you got some real value from the research we have put into compiling this extensive list. Although we’re aware there are far more selections on the market today, the five selections reviewed here are sufficient no matter what level you’re at. Be sure to leave us a comment down below with any other selections you would like us to review but all in all there isn’t really any better on the market today.

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