Vibram Mens KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe – Buyer’s Guide

If you’re in the market for the perfect cross training shoe, then look no further because the Vibram KSO EVO shoe has it all.

There are many reasons that people are looking for a more minimal approach to footwear.

Let me explain…

People now want to have the more natural experience when it comes to enjoying walking and other activities. A lot of people are drawn to this shoe because it keeps your foot more in contact with the ground and your surroundings.

This guide shows you how the Vibram Men’s KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe is attuned to this sensibility.

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The design of the shoe is very unusual. It looks like a glove for the foot with individual pockets for each toe.

The whole design of the shoe is minimal so it is very important that those who wear them undertake activities very slowly to build up their stamina over time.

Particularly those people who are used to a shoe with lots of support need to get acclimatize to this type of shoe. It is the trend today for trainer shoes to offer much support and protection where as these shoes take the opposite stand point. They are intended to minimize the interference between the person and the floor or ground surface.

And the 4.5 star rating over at Amazon prove they do just that.

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There are numerous reasons why someone would go for a shoe such as this.

      • They enable the ability to feel the texture of the ground or floor creating a more in contact experience.
      • As well many people feel more in tune with their body by connecting their whole foot to the activity. It is common for dancers to wear minimal footwear in order to maintain better contact with the floor and here the mentality is similar.
      • Another reason that some people like to wear a minimally designed shoe is that it can mean that the calf and related muscles have to work harder.
      • Many people are interested in finding activities to strengthen the whole foot, calf and leg with minimal interference.

However it is very important to protect your foot from strain as well as impactful or challenging activities to avoid damage. That is why it is so important to begin very slowly when it comes to activity levels. As well some people may have issues with their feet such as past injuries or low arches that mean they need more support.

That is why you should make safety your top priority no matter what kind of product or service you are searching for. Carefully ensuring that the product is safe and appropriate for you and that it is used safely is essential. Taking steps to ensure that you protect yourself from injury or harm is crucial to this process.

Another issue that is very important is floor or ground surface. It must be free of dangers or features that may cause you harm. These include but are not limited to sharp or protruding objects or surfaces, dips or uneven terrain. The shoe requires the optimal safe conditions as well as a conscientious and safe approach from the person who wears it. It requires much practice and a slow and safe approach to training.

There are a variety of places to find this type of design. You may decide to shop directly from the brand store or its website. You may also find it on offer at outlet retailers which sell a great variety of brands and designs. Amazon and other retailers may also offer it for sale. (Amazon is our recommended choice)

Take time to carefully read all product information and reviews as part of the process.

You should also do careful and accurate research, fact checking your sources throughout. In fact products like this are accompanied with a great volume of information on the internet where customers have given reviews and shared their insights.

Today it is easier than ever before to access input from other customers. You can also find many blogs online which focus on the topic of mens and womens fitness wear. These often include extensive reader forums where members can share their insights.

For more tips on the topic outlined above thankfully there are many useful options around. For example there are some magazines which are dedicated to mens fashion and fitness which include features such as product reviews and business directories. In fact, this particular shoe has been mentioned in many as breaking away from the typical build and paving the way for a fresher shoe in 2020.

Additionally, look out for the consumer guides which are available at book stores and in libraries. Some have practical help focusing on footwear and similar items. Many bookstores also carry helpful guides relating to this topic in the fitness and sports section. Learning all you can about this product and your choices can help you in making a reliable purchase.

FAQs – Commonly Asked Questions (Answered!)

Q. What is the fit like on these shoes?

A. Customers claim these fit really well and no issues have been mentioned around the size. It is recommended to typically go with your regular shoe size.

Q. Can these be used in the water?

A. Yes they can. The main issue is that the shoe would start to smell after a while. Many people claim that they regularly use these shoes fishing and canoeing. Due to being light weight in nature they dry quickly. It’s also been mentioned in Amazon reviews that they’re good for water parks.

Q. Are the KSO durable?

A. Customers have claimed they have run over 200 miles with minimal impact to the wear of the shoe.

Q. Can these be used for long distance running?

A. These are not recommended or built for long distance running. They may stay intact but you would be better checking out other options here.

Q. Do you need to wear socks with these shoes?

A. You can wear them with or without socks. Light socks are recommended.

Q. Is there a lot of cushion in these?

A. These are minimal sole. They are comfortable but if you step on something like a rock you’ll definitely know it’s there, however it will not pierce the shoe.

Q. If I have flat feet can I wear these?

A. There is not an arch support built in by design. Someone with flat feet can definitely wear these but possibly not full time. If you’re wearing these for short periods or workouts these will work perfectly. These offer no built in arch support by design.

Q. I have wide feet, do these shoes stretch?

A. The KSO EVO cross training shoes are a flexible shoe and will stretch to accommodate should have wide feet.

Q. Do these have good grip?

A. As they’re a nice fit, you’ll notice better grip than your typical shoe.

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