Top 10 Best Walking Shoes in 2021

Welcome to our review of the best walking shoes available on the market today. We have a comprehensive and detailed comparison for you to explore on the site. Our advice is highly relevant to shoes in 2021 and what you should be looking for if you’re an avid walker. This site covers a wide range of topics and aims to be a complete resource for cross training, crossfit, shoes, gloves, fitness regimes and everything else in between that you need to know.

In this guide you will learn the following:

  • What are the top rated walking shoes for both men and women.
  • A comprehensive review of the top 10 rated best shoes for walking in 2021 (Pros & Cons)
  • Real life customer feedback on these shoes
  • Absolutely nothing is left out in selecting the correct shoe for your needs.
  • What great shoes for walkers look like and where to get them.
  • Good shoes for walking all day
  • What are the best shoes for walkers in 2021.

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Top 10 Best Walking Shoes for Men 2021

best walking shoes for men and women

Overview Of Walking Shoes

First of all if you want to stay fit and healthy then walking provides a great way to do this. Walking is not a stressful activity, but a gentle way to exercise that is good for you. Many people find that walking or even standing for long periods of time will make their feet and legs ache. This is because they don’t have proper footwear.

You will enjoy your walks more and be pain free due to the correct choice of trainers. There are several factors to consider and these include comfort, breathability, support, stabilization, waterproofing and more. In this review of the most comfortable shoes for walkers we will look at all of these factors.

Top 10 Best Walking Shoes for Men 2021

In this comprehensive review we will provide you with the information that you need to make an informed purchase decision. We will take a look at all of the top features and benefits of these walking shoes.  You will see pros and cons for each pair of shoes, and these come from real customer reviews. We ensure you’ll find the most comfortable shoes for men in this review.

Yes these really are the top rated mens walking sneaker reviews on the market, best thing of all they come in a multitude of sizes and colors. Below you will find these reviews and hopefully the perfect shoe for you. Although we review the top 10 best rated footwear, we have highlighted our editors’ top 5 selections below.
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Mens Walking Shoes

#1 RATED – Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Double Depth Shoe

[amazon box=”B00IOT2OE4″ title=”Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men’s Therapeutic Shoe” link_title=”Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men’s Therapeutic Shoe” description=”

  • High quality & lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Long Lasting
  • Colors; Comes in multiple colors and sizes” /]

These walking-shoes top our review list because they are very high quality and lightweight. Also they have a stabilizer for your arch and this will provide you with greater support. If you are an active man and need a cross trainer that offers premium performance, the Dr Comfort double depth shoe is for you.

These walking sneakers have top grain leather uppers of the highest quality. Because of this your feet can breathe and you will be so much more comfortable when you are walking. Also high quality mesh and Lycra materials provide additional comfort and durability. When you buy a pair of Dr Comfort cross trainers you know that they will last you a very long time.

An extra 7/16th of an inch of extra depth is another benefit. This exceeds the 3/16th of an inch minimum depth recommended by Medicare. To keep your feet dry and cool these Dr Comfort shoes have a leather lining. In addition this leather lining will protect your feet from rubbing against any stitching.

If you have corns, calluses or bunions then these are the right shoes for you. Toe stubbing is a thing of the past with the protective toe box, and a stiff heel counter provides additional lateral and medial support. The padded tongue reduces friction, and finally the shoes have hard wearing and non skid outsoles.

The Dr comfort range are simply the best shoes for walking and standing all day irrespective of the length of time. They scored a massive 10/10 in our research conducted single handedly being the most comfortable footwear for walkers.


  • “Most comfortable pair of walking shoes” – a number of customers commented on how comfortable the Dr Comfort shoes were. Customers with wide feet were very happy with the comfort these shoes provided.
  • “For diabetics these shoes are perfect” – diabetic customers stated that these were the best shoes they had purchased. Described as a “perfect fit” and also ideal for people that suffer from neuropathy.
  • “They look great and are the best shoes for standing all day” – there were several customer comments about how great the shoes looked. People mentioned that they look just like other shoes, but they have that extra comfort and width.
  • “Good shoes for walking and highly durable” – people liked how hard wearing these shoes are. There were comments about the good quality materials and the fact that difficult sizes were available.

“My shoes squeak” – there was one negative comment from a man who claimed that his Dr Comfort shoes are always squeaking. Because this was a solitary comment you should not consider this a big problem. He should have returned them for a replacement pair.

#2 Rated – Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Shoes

[amazon box=”B0012IL99A” title=”Brooks Mens Addiction Walker Shoes” link_title=”Brooks Mens Addiction Walker Shoes” description=”

  • Renowned for comfort
  • 1,400+ Reviews
  • Sturdy
  • Long Lasting
  • Colors; Comes in multiple colors and sizes” /]

The Brooks Men’s Addiction walkers are another pair of high quality shoes that are worthy of consideration. These shoes are comfortable to wear due to the slip resistant sole and the MoGo midsole cushioning. When you walk in the Brooks shoes you will have a feeling of sturdiness.

These shoes have motion control, and as a result provide a high level of medial support that corrects severe overpronation. If you are flat footed then the Brooks Addiction Walkers have good arch support. When you walk in these shoes you should feel no joint pain because your foot realigns into its natural position.

High quality materials and additional cushioning make these shoes a little heavier than some of the others. They still only weigh around 14 ounces (approximately 400 grams). The shoes will feel sturdier because of this, and the linear platform technology adds to the durability and is ideal for people that are overweight.


  • “Perfect for extra wide feet” – a number of purchasers who had extra wide feet stated that the Brooks Addiction Walkers were very comfortable for them. There were also positive comments about the shoes “running true to size”.
  • “Pain free walking” – some customers stated that they are now walking “pain free” due to the comfort of the Brooks Addiction Walkers. One customer said that his feet were so painful that he couldn’t walk, and as a result of wearing these shoes his life is so much better.
  • “Great quality and strong support” – there were a number of positive remarks about the quality of the walking sneakers. Customers felt that the shoes provided strong support, and another positive was how the shoes helped people with flat feet.
  • “My heel pain has gone” – purchasers that were suffering from heel pain stated that this no longer troubled them due to the comfort of the Brooks Addiction Walkers.

“Too firm for sensitive feet” – one user with sensitive feet said that the shoes were too firm and made him feel uncomfortable. This was not the general view of customers and is probably a one off problem.

“The quality is not great” – there were a small number of negative comments about the quality of the shoes and their ability to last. Maybe some people did experience quality problems, but this is certainly not the view of the majority of wearers.

#3 Rated – New Balance Men’s MW759 Country Walking Shoe

[amazon box=”B006O5GN4C” title=”New Balance Mens MW759″ link_title=”New Balance Mens MW759 Shoes” description=”

  • Renowned for quality
  • 2000+ Reviews
  • Stylish
  • Long Lasting
  • Relieves pains
  • Comes in multiple colors and sizes” /]

The New Balance MW759 shoes have innersole cushioning for walking comfort. They have a synthetic outer material and the sole is manmade. In addition there is a C-Cap midsole to provide firm support for your feet. The innersole cushioning provides further support. The shoes are manufactured using New Balance’s Abzorb shock proof technology.

The New Balance MW759’s are stylish and have a casual look. You will probably think that the shoes have a “rugged” look due to the multi shaded leather uppers. Additionally style factors include the mesh fabric stitched components and the sporty looking dual color laces.

Specially designed rubber soles provide additional comfort and stability while walking. The grip of the soles ensures that you will be less likely to slip than with other shoes. Another benefit of these shoes is the Stability Web mid foot support. This holds your feet in the best position preventing overburdening of the foot arch muscles.


  • “These shoes provide good support” – a number of customers were complimentary about the support that the New Balance M759’s provided. Also there were quite a few positive comments about the arch support that these shoes provide.
  • “Greatest walking shoes for travelling ever” – some customers felt that the New Balance M759’s were the top choice of walking footwear they had ever purchased. A lot of people commented that for those on their feet for several hours each day these were the ideal shoes and even when traveling they provide the required comfort.
  • “No feet or back pain” – a few long distance walkers stated that after walking for several miles they experienced no feet or back pain. One user felt that this was due to the additional support that the shoes offered.

“Getting the right size problematic” – there were a few negative comments about being able to find the right size of shoe. Some users said that they ordered the right size yet when the shoes arrived they were too small and painful. This is not too much of a problem as the shoes are returnable for a larger size.

“The shoes fell apart quickly” – a small number of customers were not happy with the quality of the shoes. Some stated that they easily fell apart. These seem like isolated incidents because most customers were happy with the quality.

#4 Rated – Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4

[amazon box=”B00GXEEAZ8″ title=”Asics Mens Gel Tech Walker Neo 4″ link_title=”Asics Mens Gel Tech Walker Neo 4″ description=”

  • Highly comfortable
  • Cushioning effect
  • Stability
  • Wide range of colors and sizes available” /]

Asics are a well known shoe manufacturer and the Neo 4’s are comfortable and well made trainers to walk in. In addition these shoes are fitted with a medial side bunion window that provides a better fit and more comfort. Your feet will be able to breathe due to the biomorphic fit upper that keeps your feet cooler.

The Asics Neo 4’s have a fine mesh lining and there is also a removable sock liner. Also there is the Asics “Impact Guidance System” which prevents obstruction of the natural gait of your feet. The shoes also have the DuoMax support system designed to make you feel more stable while walking.

Asics Soylte provides additional comfort due to the cushioning of your feet. The gel cushioning absorbs any shocks while walking, and the shoes have AHAR heel plugs to increase their durability. These state of the art shoes provide stability and comfort and they look good too.


“These shoes are soft and comfortable and the best shoes for walking on concrete” – there were a lot of positive comments about how comfortable the Asics Neo 4’s were. In addition a number of users remarked on the superior cushioning of the walking shoes.

“My knees are no longer painful” – a long term knee pain sufferer said that these shoes alleviated his knee pains. This was because of the firm support that the shoes provided. He was reluctant to buy walking shoes online, but now cannot recommend this highly enough.

“Sharp looking shoes” – the overall style of the Asics Neo 4’s was a hit with a lot of purchasers. They chose the Asics most of all for the way that they looked.

“Good durable shoes for work” – a number of customers purchased these shoes for work. Many had jobs where they were standing all day, and the Asics Neo 4’s passed the durability test well.


“Shoes are too narrow” – there were not too many negative comments about the Asics Neo 4’s but one of the most common was that they were too narrow. Maybe these people have particularly broad feet as most customers did not comment on this.

#5 Rated – New Balance Men’s MW577 Hook and Loop

[amazon box=”B0012IL99A” title=”Brooks Mens Addiction Walker Shoes” link_title=”Brooks Mens Addiction Walker Shoes” description=”

  • Renowned for quality
  • 4000+ Reviews
  • Stylish
  • Long Lasting
  • Many colors and sizes” /]

New Balance uses the very latest technology in the manufacture of their shoes. The MW577’s come with ortholite foam covering the tongue and collar of the shoe. Consequently this reduces the stress placed on your feet while walking. In addition there is a “PU strobe board” for increased levels of comfort. Orthopedic padding inserts add to the comfort.

The New Balance MW577’s design provides you with the right balance of stability and comfort. As a result you will not experience tired and aching feet after long periods of walking. The durability of the shoes is good due to the superior quality materials used in manufacture.

New Balance has a trademarked “Abzorb” technology that improves the shock resistance of their footwear. Your feet will not sweat in the New Balance MW577’s, and when you are walking in the shoes your balance and stability will be correct due to the “walking strike path” technology.


“Like walking on air” – the comfort of these shoes was remarked upon by a number of satisfied customers. Most noteworthy was that athletes who put the shoes through a lot of punishment were happy with the degree of comfort.

“Great all round walking shoes” – a number of purchasers complimented that these New Balance MW847V2’s for being great shoes to go for a walk in. Described as providing the “perfect fit” by a lot of users, and most recommended that a size larger than your normal shoe size was ideal.

“No break in required” – a lot of users remarked on how the New Balance MW847V2’s didn’t require “breaking in” as so many other shoes do. Most of all there were several comments about the shoes being perfect “straight out of the box”.


“Shoes beginning to fall apart” – of the few negative comments registered about these shoes the most common negative was about the durability. While most customers were happy about the quality, a few felt that quality improvements were necessary.

#6 Rated – New Balance Men’s M840V3 Running Shoe

[amazon box=”B00V3MU540″ title=”New Balance Mens M840V3″ link_title=”New Balance MensM840V3″ description=”

  • Rated number 6 by our Editors
  • 200+ Reviews
  • Very Stylish
  • Many colors and sizes” /]

Although this shoe from New Balance is a “running shoe” you can use them for walking just as well. These shoes are just as comfortable as the other New Balance shoes due to the use of the PU Strobel board and the polyurethane insert.

In addition these shoes conform to the same high quality standards as all New Balance shoes do. They have a synthetic and mesh upper and the shoes have Medicare approval (HCPCS code = A5500). The blown rubber outsole provides a good grip on most surfaces.

The New Balance M840V3’s have a roomier toe box that works well even if you have wide feet. Also these shoes have superior cushioning, and the heel of the shoes has a really snug feel. Finally stability is good due to the overall sturdiness of the shoes.


“Walking in the city is very comfortable” – a number of purchasers felt that the New Balance M840V3’s offered great comfort particularly for city walking. Other power walkers were impressed with the comfort due to the larger toe box and arch support.

“Well built shoes” – customers were happy overall with the quality of these shoes. This is because of the detailed stitching and the upper fabric being of superior quality.

“Good shoes for people with wide feet” – there were positive comments from wide feet users about how well the New Balance M840V3’s were the perfect fit for them.


“Quality is not up to scratch” – a couple of buyers made negative comments about the quality of the shoes. Don’t take this too seriously since there were very few negative reviews about these shoes, and most people were happy with the quality.

#7 Rated – New Balance Men’s M990v3 Running Shoe

[amazon box=”B00DNNWPDQ” title=”New Balance Mens M990V3″ link_title=”New Balance Mens M990V3″ description=”

  • Rated #7
  • 2,200+ Reviews
  • Great for walking
  • Sizes & colors in abundance” /]

Yet another running shoe that you can walk in comfortably from New Balance. Made to high standards, these shoes feature pigskin, nubuck leather and mesh. In addition there is a Acteva Lite insole for support and comfort, and the midsole is produced using New Balance’s Abzorb anti shock technology.

Like other New Balance shoes the M990V3’s offer good stability. This is due in part to using single density TPU underneath the arch. Also the rubber blown sole provides flexibility and bends to the shape of your foot whatever you are doing.

The New Balance M990V3’s look good too. The heel design looks really cool and you can buy these shoes in a variety of colors. Finally these shoes do not look as “chunky” as some of their predecessors.


“A great American made shoe” – purchasers were happy that they could buy a pair of shoes made in America that had superior quality. A lot of people also commented on the shoes being good value for money.

“Great for heavy people or those with foot problems” – people that are heavier than they should be stated that these shoes were very comfortable and sturdy. In addition a number of people with foot problems also made positive comments.

“Working in these shoes is a pleasure” – quite a few people purchased these shoes for work. People in the retail trade that do a lot of walking felt that they were very comfortable.


“Shoes have developed a strange smell” – a few users commented about their shoes developing a strange smell. This is opposite to the view of the majority of customers who did not complain about this.

#8 Rated – Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4

[amazon box=”B00GXEEAZ8″ title=”Asics Mens Gel Tech Walker Neo 4″ link_title=”Asics Mens Gel Tech Walker Neo 4″ description=”

  • Very comfortable
  • Cushioning effect
  • Stability
  • Ideal for walkers” /]

Here we have Asics offering another quality walking show known as the “Tech Walker”. When you wear these shoes your feet will remain in place due to the heel base narrowing and the toe base widening.

In addition Asics have used their biomorphic technology to produce a very comfortable pair of shoes. Enhanced arch support ensures that you can walk for several hours and feel no pain. Also the medial area has a bunion window that provides a snug fit. You won’t experience any feet or leg pain due to the gel cushioning with the Gel Tech Walker Neo 4.

Asics claim that you will enhance your stride, and use less energy walking, thanks to the technology used in the Gel Tech Walker Neo 4’s. You will have good traction on almost any surface due to the high quality tread on the outsoles.


“Very comfortable after long walks” – several customers were complimentary about the comfort of these shoes after walking long distances.

“Ideal walking shoes” – there were a number of positive statements made about how ideal the Asics Gel Tech Walker Neo 4’s were for walking.


“Pain experienced wearing these shoes” – a small number of users stated that they had experienced pain when wearing these shoes. While this may be true, this is certainly not the majority opinion.

#9 Rated – ASICS Men’s Gel-cumulus 18 Shoe

[amazon box=”B017N0MPY8″ title=”ASICS Men’s Gel-cumulus 18 Shoe” link_title=”ASICS Men’s Gel-cumulus 18 Shoe” description=”

  • Renowned for quality
  • 651+ Reviews
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Many colors and sizes” /]

The Asics Gel cumulus 18 is primarily a running shoe but many people have used these shoes for comfortable walking. Most noteworthy about these shoes is the forefoot and rearfoot gel cushioning system that absorbs shocks from the surface whether you are running or walking.

Asics utilize their “FluidRide” technology with the cumulus 18’s, and you will experience superior comfort from this due to its spring loaded feel. This additional cushioning will not compromise the flexibility of these shoes.

The Asics Gel cumulus 18’s did not have a heavy feel like other similar brands makes do. The shoes have a snug big toe fit and a tight forefoot fit. Finally the collar is a snug fit as is the midfoot area of these shoes.


“Gel comfort in the toes and heels is great” – the heel and toe cushioning system came in for some positive comments from a lot of users. Some customers also described them as “perfect walking shoes”.

“Shoes absorb shocks really well” – a number of users were very impressed with the shock absorption qualities of these shoes.


“These shoes are tight on the toes” – a few users complained that the toe space on the Asics Gel cumulus 18’s was less than on previous versions.

#10 Rated Nike Men’s Free 5.0 Running Shoe

[amazon box=”B00MXH97SY” title=”Nike Mens Free 5.0 Running Shoe” link_title=”Nike Mens Free 5.0 Running Shoe” description=”

  • High quality & Ultra light weight
  • Barefoot like feel
  • Durability
  • Wide range of colors and sizes available” /]

Another well known brand with a running shoe that is usable for walking as well as running. These redesigned shoes are now even more lightweight than the previous model weighing in at around 8.5 ounces (240 grams). In addition to the weight savings, the overall fit of the shoes is improved.

The Nike Free 5’s are very flexible shoes and unstructured apart from heel support. This does not mean that support is nonexistent. The shoes also have good cushioning, and long walks should not induce any pain. These shoes have good breathability due to their quality upper fabrics, so your feet will feel dry and cool.

The underfoot platform of the Nike Free 5’s is flexible in nature and as a result you will move a lot more naturally through your walking cycle. Finally the shoes have “no sew” overlays providing durability and support without any additional weight.


“Very lightweight and comfortable” – quite a number of users said that they were happy with the weight and comfort of these shoes. One user said that “you don’t even know that you have them on”.

“Very practical for work” – some customers who purchased the shoes use them for working where they have to stand for long periods during the day. They were very complimentary about wearing these shoes all day.


“Shoes are the wrong size” – the most common complaint was about the shoes being too small when they arrived. Maybe ordering a size bigger will resolve this problem. This appeared to mainly be those who said they had really wide feet.

Top 10 Best Walking Shoes for Women

Now through our thorough research we give you the lowdown on the top rated walkers footwear for women. As before, you will see pros and cons summarized from actual customer reviews. Our editors’ have highlighted the top 5 of these 10 below to help narrow the options. Ensure you read each review carefully to ensure it’s the right choice of shoe for you.

[amazon table=”500″]

#1 Rated – ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 18 Shoe

[amazon box=”B00YB22JF2″ title=”ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 18 Shoe” link_title=”Asics Gel-Nimbus 18 Shoe” description=”

  • Highly durable & comfortable
  • Exceptional Cushioning
  • Durable
  • Colors; Comes in multiple colors and sizes” /]

This is a running shoe that many people use for walking. Asics produce many good shoes and the Gel-Nimbus 18 continues in that tradition. These shoes have the ability to attenuate impact very well due to the Gel cushioning system included. Highly regarded in the top range of best women’s walking shoes on the market today at such a reasonable price.

When you put on your Asics Gel-Nimbus 18’s your feet are wrapped in a “Comfody X-40 Sockliner”. This will make your feet feel comfortable and dry because the Sockliner keeps moisture at bay.

In addition these shoes have a “heel clutching system” which is actually a heel counter made from strong plastic. Your feet are held in place with this system and also lace tension is distributed by the use of discrete eyelets.

The outsoles of the Asics Gel-Nimbus 18’s are mainly rubber. Asics use their “Trusstic system” in the midfoot structure providing increased gait efficiency. This system also prevents the twisting of your feet along the entire shoe length.


  • “Overweight and loving walking in these shoes” – a number of customers who were honest about being overweight, stated that the Asics Gel-Nimbus 18’s were great for walking and standing for long periods.
  • “Exceptional cushioning” – there were a lot of positive statements about the cushioning ability of these shoes. Some stated that wearing the shoes was like “walking or running on clouds”.
  • “On my feet 14 hours a day” – a registered nurse commented how happy she was with the sturdiness and comfort of these shoes having to endure 14 hour hospital shifts daily.

“Quality issues” – a few customers reported some quality issues. The majority viewpoint was that these shoes were of high quality so these maybe isolated incidents.

#2 Rated – New Balance Women’s WW847V2 Walking Shoe

[amazon box=”B00IY8WR6K” title=”New Balance Women’s WW847V2″ link_title=”New Balance Women’s WW847V2″ description=”

  • Rated #2 by our editors
  • 800+ reviews
  • Perfect for walkers
  • Long lasting
  • Colors; Comes in multiple colors and sizes” /]

Our top recommendation in the women’s shoes category is the Asics Women’s Gel Nimbus 18 running shoe. New Balance WW847V2. Physiology experts from across the globe recommend New Balance due to their high quality and design for support and stability. These New Balance WW847V2’s have Medicare certification with the HCPCS code A5500.

The uppers of the WW847V2’s are a combination of both synthetic materials and fabrics which will allow your feet to breathe and provide increased durability. A snug feel and extra cushioning is due to the internal foam lining and collar, and this cushions the heel and tongue of the shoes.

The lining of the shoes includes New Balance’s “Lightning Dry” feature and it is also very breathable. The insets are ortholite and this provides really good cushioning. When you are wearing these shoes your balance and stability will be good due to the “Rollbar” stability feature.


  • “The best thing that has happened to my feet” – a lady suffering with plantar fasciitis found that wearing the New Balance shoes completely eradicated the problem. She also reported that her knees were not painful any more after wearing the shoes.
  • “Supportive and cushioning” – there were a number of positive reviews stating how supportive and cushioning the New Balance WW847V2’s were. Most importantly were the comments from customers who reported that all of their aches and pains had gone wearing the shoes.
  • “Great shoes for walking in” – several customers remarked on how great these shoes were for walking. People that have to walk around all day said that they felt comfortable and their feet were not tired due to the excellent cushioning.
  • “Well worth the money” – quite a few purchasers said that they were glad that they had spent the extra money and purchased the New Balance WW847V2’s. This is because the shoes are high quality and provide great comfort, balance and stability.

“Shoes are too small” – there were a few complaints about the shoes being too small. When you order these shoes you go for a half size larger than you would normally wear.

“Pain issues” – a small number of customers stated that these shoes hurt their feet. It is not clear from their comments whether the size was wrong or there was some other factor. The majority viewpoint was that the shoes were extremely comfortable.

#3 Rated – Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 13 Running Shoe

[amazon box=”B0733KM7R1″ title=”Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 13 Running Shoe” link_title=”Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 13 Running Shoe” description=”

  • Voted #3 by our editors
  • Sturdy and also long lasting
  • Comfortable
  • 100+ online reviews” /]

Another running shoe that will provide good walking comfort that is worthy of consideration. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 13’s come with stitched on overlays in the uppers which provide good support to the midfoot region. For overpronators this is good news, and you will benefit from good flexibility and breathability.

Also the bunion area of these shoes remains open which adds to the comfort of wearing them. In addition the toe box does not have any overlays directly on top of it. From the back to the front of the shoes is an overlay that provides additional support, due to the fact that it cradles your feet.

To stop your feet rolling too far inward Mizuno have included a “wave plate” on the midsole medial sides. Additional support and stability are the benefits of this wave plate. These shoes have rubber outsoles for improved grip, and finally you can remove the insoles.


  • “Sturdy and durable” – a number of customers commented on the sturdiness and durability of these shoes. There were several other comments about how well made these shoes were.
  • “Instant comfort” – quite a few users made the comment that the Mizuno Wave Inspire 13’s fitted them perfectly straight out of the box and were comfortable straight away so there was no requirement to break them in.
  • “Provide good support” – many customers remarked upon the amount of support offered by these shoes. Also a number of users mentioned the good motion control in the heel.


“Size issue” – there was only one negative review found for these shoes and this was a customer who experienced difficulty with sizes. As most customers remarked on how well these shoes fitted this is not a major issue.

#4 Rated – New Balance Women’s WW840 Health Walking Shoe

Here is another high quality best rated  walking shoe from New Balance. With these shoes you will experience perfect air circulation, due to full grain leather used on the uppers and a mesh lining. Furthermore this improves the breathability of the shoes.

The New Balance “Abzorb” technology in the midsole provides superior arch support. The Abzorb technology also assists with the absorption of impacts when you are walking. The collar and tongue of the shoes have soft padding for additional comfort.

The durability and support offered by these shoes is good due to the abrasion resistant rubber outsoles. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis then you will greatly benefit from this. Finally there is good grip and traction provided by the herringbone pattern on the outsoles.


“My feet were killing me until I wore these shoes” – people that do a lot of walking and standing in their jobs made positive comments about how these shoes stopped their feet aching where others couldn’t.

“Recommended by my podiatrist” – a few users said that their podiatrist had recommended the New Balance WW840’s due to their ability to stabilize pronation and other health benefits.

“Very comfortable walking footwear” – there were a lot of positive comments about how comfortable the New Balance WW840’s were to wear. One woman said that the shoes were still comfortable after walking for 8 hours.


“Problems with sizes” there were just a few negative reviews and a lot of them were complaining about sizes. Getting the right size shoes is very important, and you can send the shoes back for a larger size replacement if they do not fit you properly.

#5 Rated – Nike Women’s Flex 2016 RN Running Shoe

[amazon box=”B014ECDHIG” title=”Nike Walking Shoes” link_title=”Nike Walking Shoes” description=”

  • Rated #5 by our editors
  • 320+ reviews
  • Great walking shoe
  • Fast dry
  • Abundant colors and sizes” /]

These shoes are extremely flexible and when you are walking in them you will find that your feet will be able to flex naturally. Nike used the biomechanics of running barefoot to create these shoes. As a result these shoes will feel very natural on your feet and very pleasant to wear.

The Nike Flex 2016 RN’s have “Flymesh” uppers and consequently the flexibility and breathability of the shoes are enhanced. You will be able to tighten the shoes over your feet thanks to the efficient lacing system. There is a “Flywire” cable system that loops through the laces. It also wraps around the sides of your feet securing you to the midsole area of the shoes.

The soles of the Nike Flex 2016 RN’s are made of foam for good cushioning and the flexibility increased due to the triangular shaped cutting patterns. With these shoes you are getting cushioned comfort combined with lightness and flexibility.


“All day working in these shoes” – there were a number of users who had purchased these shoes to use for work. One woman said that her daughter uses them every day in the vet’s office and loves them.

“Compliments about my shoes” – there were positive reviews about the look of the Nike Flex 2016 RN’s. One woman received several compliments in one day when she wore them outside for the first time.

“So lightweight and comfortable” – there were many comments made about how lightweight and comfortable these shoes were.


“Small sizes” – there were few negative reviews but most of them were about the size of the shoes. People felt that the sizing was wrong, and the general consensus was to order a size larger than you normally would.

#6 Rated – ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 23 Running Shoe

[amazon box=”B017USOQPE” title=”ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 23″ link_title=”ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 23″ description=”

  • Rated #6 on this site
  • 1,300+ reviews
  • ASICS brand
  • Seamless Fluid Fit
  • Stylish and comfortable” /]

Asics use their “Seamless Fluidfit” technology in these shoes which results in them fitting your feet like a glove. It also makes them feel very light. Cutting into the top of your feet does not occur due to the tongue of these shoes going completely over the lacing.

The midfoot area is the focus of the lacing system and you will feel very snug in these shoes. You are locked in at the heel due to the updated heel clutch system. Asics has introduced its new “Flytefoam” technology into these shoes, and this provides continuous cushioning throughout.

The soles of the Asics Gel Kayano 23’s include Asic’s “Dynamic Duomax” system which provides additional cushioning and helps to keep your walking or running form in check. You will get superior traction with these shoes due to the high degree of tread on the soles.


“Great stability” – a number of satisfied customers commented on the stability qualities of the Asics Gel Kayano 23’s. Some users said that they needed more stability for their walking and running and that these shoes provided it.

“So comfortable” – there were several comments about how comfortable these shoes were. These came from runners, walkers and those that are on their feet for several hours a day when working.

“They look great” – some customers remarked on how great the Asics Gel Kayano 23’s looked. A lot of ladies who had purchased them described them as “beautiful” and “very cute”.


“Design has been narrowed” – there were a few users who were unhappy that the Asics Gel Kayano 23’s were too narrow. This was certainly not the opinion of the majority of customers.

“Sizes are not right” – some users felt that the sizes were wrong and were disappointed when their shoes arrived and they were too small. It is advisable to order a half size larger than you need.

#7 Rated – Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 16

[amazon box=”B017USOQPE” title=”Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 16″ link_title=”Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 16″ description=”

  • Rated #7
  • 1,200+ reviews
  • Brooks is a reputable walking shoe seller
  • Support & Stability
  • Comfort guaranteed” /]

The uppers of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16’s have a traditional look. There is minimal stitching except for the connection between the midfoot area and the heel. Brooks have added a heel counter to give these shoes a more rigid feel. There are welded overlays on these shoes for additional support.

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16’s are support shoes that have a control system for the inward rolling of your feet. These shoes provide a firmer feel than some of the others we have reviewed due to the foam cushioning rather than gel cushioning.

In addition these shoes have outsoles that are very segmented. There is a “full length segmented crash pad” and this system will adapt to the way that you land, and your heel to toe gait. This provides good stability and ideal ground contact.


“Outstanding support and stability” – lots of customers who purchased these shoes liked the stability and support that was offered. These positive comments came from walkers, runners and people that worked on their feet all day.

“Outstanding colors that look cool” – the majority of purchasers were really happy with the way that the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16’s looked and the good variety of color options that are available.

“Foot problems solved with these” – people with flat feet, dropped arches and pronation problems were all complimentary about how these shoes helped them. Most noteworthy was the number of positive comments about the pronation control.


“Fell apart after a while” – a few users said that their Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16’s fell apart after using them for a while. In general customers were complimentary about the build quality of these shoes.

#8 Rated – Ahnu Women’s Montara II Waterproof Light Hiking Shoe

[amazon box=”B018VL7YCG” title=”Ahnu Light Hiking Shoes” link_title=”Ahnu Shoes” description=”

  • Rated #8 in our comparison review
  • 120+ reviews
  • Sturdiness
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof” /]

These are functional shoes to walk in or hiking in for women that are comfortable to wear and provide stability due to their waterproof uppers, good grip soles and coverall compact design. The uppers have an e-Vent waterproof system and this provides greater breathability.

High quality materials make the Ahnu Montara II’s durability good. The materials are a mixture of breathable leather and synthetics, and these make the shoes easy to maintain and clean. These shoes have rubber soles which provide a firm grip no matter what kind of terrain you are tackling.

The comfort level of these shoes is high due to the padded collars which also resist moisture. In addition, these shoes have further padding and reinforcing to withstand the impacts of hiking. Finally the Ahnu Montara II’s have a neutral positioning system that will provide you with a good fit.


“Sturdy yet flexible shoes” – the sturdiness of these shoes got a mention several times in the positive customer reviews. A lot of users liked the flexibility that the shoes offered them as well.

“Comfortable and lightweight” – many customers felt that the Ahnu Montara II’s were very comfortable even on long walks and hikes. There were also a number of positive references to how light they were.

“Truly waterproof” – some shoes advertised as waterproof do not make it but the customer reviews for these shoes were very positive in this regard. Many users put the shoes through their paces in the wet and the results were good.


“Waterproofing disappeared” – there was only a single negative review for these shoes and it was from a customer who claimed that the waterproofing capabilities of the shoes disappeared after 2-3 weeks. This is as an isolated incident.

#9 Rated – Adidas Outdoor Women’s AX2 Gore-Tex Hiking Shoe

[amazon box=”B072BWSK29″ title=”Adidas Outdoor Womens AX2 Gore Tex” link_title=”Adidas Outdoor Womens AX2 Gore Tex” description=”

  • Comfort Guaranteed
  • Outsoles provide firm grip
  • Light Weight
  • Ideal for walking and hiking
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors” /]

Your feet will be comfortable in these Adidas AX2 Gore-Tex’s due to the upper construction consisting of synthetics and low cut mesh. In addition, a lightweight EVA midsole is included. For extra cushioning and protection Adidas have added their Adirprene forefoot plate.

They have also included an outdoor specific “Formotion” unit to the midsole, and as a result you will experience enhanced comfort from downhill walking and this also aids motion control. The outsoles on the Adidas AX2 Gore-Tex’s use the Adidas “Traxion” technology which features continental rubber for a firmer grip.

These shoes will fit you well due to the included molded sockliner. There is also a gore-tex membrane which provides increased breathability and dryness. Specifically designed for women’s feet, the Adidas AX2 Gore-Tex’s are low cut and lightweight making them ideal for walking and hiking.


“Very solid shoes” – a lot of customers, including those that had problems such as plantar fasciitis, complimented these shoes on how well made they were. A number of users said that their feet no longer hurt even after hours of walking or standing.

“Lightweight and comfortable” – many customers that had been on long walks or hikes stated that the Adidas AX2 Gore-Tex’s were still comfortable at the end. There were a lot of positive comments about the shoes being lightweight.

“These shoes have a good grip” – a number of users said that they had experienced a good grip with these shoes. Some tried the shoes in snow and rain and did not have any problems.


“Shoes were the wrong size” – there were only a few negative reviews and most of them were around the size of the shoes. Users complained that when they received the shoes they were not the right size. These complaints were in the minority. They did mainly appear to be from those that complained of having really wide feet. You may want to do your due diligence if that is the case for you also.

#10 Rated – Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze Aero Sport Hiking Water Shoe

[amazon box=”B00YBGRTB2″ title=”Merrell Women’s All Purpose Shoes” link_title=”Merrell Women’s All Purpose Shoes” description=”

  • Rated #10 in our comparison review
  • 450+ reviews
  • Protection & sturdiness guaranteed
  • Super grip
  • Strong and durable” /]

Although rated #10 on our list these shoes are perfect for those who love to walk. The Merrell All Out Blaze Aero Sport’s are very durable due to their construction using leather, fabric, thick rubber and synthetics. The uppers of these shoes are leather, fabric and synthetic which provide breathability and will keep your feet warm and dry. These shoes will stop the water coming in and dispel any internal moisture quickly.

Merrell has incorporated its “Uni-Fly” technology into the midsole and as a result stabilization is improved. The construction of the midsole is a blend of an I-Tech top sheet with softer E-Foam. In addition these shoes have hollowed out rubber outsoles that save weight. The grip provided by the outsoles is good.

Also there is increased stability thanks to the heel counter made from TPU. These shoes will fit you like a glove because they have the Merrell “Stratafuse” and “Omni-Fit” lacing systems included.


“Great for hiking and everyday use” – there were a number of purchasers who happily proclaimed that these shoes were not just great for hiking, but for general day to day use as well.

“Protection and comfort” – a lot of users were happy with the overall comfort of the Merrell All Out Blaze Aero Sport’s, and the protection that they provided from water and shocks from different terrain.

“These shoes have a great grip” – quite a few customers remarked on how happy they were with the grip that these shoes provided. Some said that the grip was superior to hiking boots they had purchased.


“They didn’t fit properly” – of the few negative reviews posted the common theme was the fit and size of these shoes. Again these were in the minority and these people were probably just unlucky that their shoes didn’t fit properly.

Why Should You Trust These Selections?

You might be asking yourself how can I be sure these really are the best recommendations on the market.

That’s a good question and let me me explain…

Over the years we have thoroughly reviewed an extensive selection of shoes from premium to low range shoe brands on themarket. We collated real customer feedback, internal assessments to ensure quality and nothing beats walking in the shoes for a period of time. It is for this reason we can accurately provide unbiased and trustworthy advice on which shoes you should/should not use for walking.

It has to be mentioned, not every shoe will suit each individuals’ needs and it is important that your own due diligence is carried out.

Most importantly, the research we have carried out is relevant to 2021 and accurate at the time of writing. We update the top 10 rated list accordingly when the shoes fall out of an 80% check mark we do internally. This also happens if the shoes are completely sold out/out of season.

Having covered this, let us jump into the real information on which are the best sneakers for walking. You won’t find a more comprehensive top 10 review for women and men online.

The Best Shoes for Walking and Why

When you walk your heel will touch the floor first and your foot will roll from heel to toe. Because of this you need to buy footwear that has flexible soles and some bend in the toe area. The best shoes for walking all day

You will have seen a selection of running shoes in this review and they are suitable for walking too. The difference between walk shoes and running shoes is the cushioning. Shoes designed to walk in will have thicker heels for increased walking stability. Running shoes have cushioning across the entire outsole. Don’t buy walking-shoes for running as they will not perform well.

Don’t choose a heavy walking shoe. Go lightweight and also look for good breathability. Shoes with uppers that are made of leather and other materials are a good choice due to their ability to repel water and provide good breathability.

The padding in a walkers’ shoe is important for your overall comfort. The insoles are padded and often made from high density EVA foam. You need a well padded insole because it will provide the cushioning that you need between your foot and the ground.

Most walking style of shoes have a midsole area which sits between the inner sole and the outsole. The midsole area is important because it will absorb shocks from impacts when walking, and provides additional cushioning. Check the midsole information before you buy.

Finally the outsoles of walkers’ shoes also require close inspection. It is common to find rubber compounds used for outsoles of this type of footwear. Rubber provides superior grip and durability. If you choose a thin outsole your shoes will be lighter and more flexible, but they will not grip so well and wear out more quickly. You should now have a much clearer idea of what are the top sneakers on the market today for walking purposes.

How to Choose the Best Cross Training Shoes

If you intend to use your shoes for walking, running, sports and other athletic activities then you need to choose the best cross training shoes. Most of all it is important to protect your feet when you are indulging in all of these different activities.

Cross training in the same shoes can lead to your feet experiencing pain. This is because you have chosen the wrong type of shoes. Are you flat footed or do you have high arches? For high arches, go for shoes that are more cushioned. If you have flat feet go for high stability shoes because they will keep your feet in a natural position.

With cross training you need good support around your feet so pay particular attention to the uppers. Consequently you should go for cross training shoes that offer good support and breathability. Since leather uppers provide more support they are a good choice.

Your grip on the ground is very important when cross training. So here you need to look carefully at the outsoles to see what kind of grip they offer and the materials used. Rubber and rubber compounds usually offer the best traction, and finally the tread pattern will determine the grip level of your shoes.

Choosing the right size of cross training shoes is essential because otherwise you will experience pain in your toes and feet. If your shoes are too small then they will pinch your toes and feel uncomfortable. If they are too big then you can expect to get some nasty blisters.

In addition, your cross training shoes should be comfortable the very first time that you try them on. A lot of people believe that cross training shoes need “breaking in” yet this is unnecessary with today’s modern shoe technology. Your cross trainers should be a great fit and comfortable straight out of the box.

Don’t forget to get a gear bag that keeps your shoes intact and allows them to maintain their shape. Of course it goes without saying but don’t rush into purchasing your footwear as you could end up with the wrong ones. Take your time and look at different brands. If you have wide feet then Nike cross trainers are probably not right for you as they usually run narrow. Finally, the way the shoes look is far less important than how they fit and feel.

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