Ryka Cross Training Shoes for Women

Ryka has been in the athletic footwear business for over twenty-five years. Designing footwear exclusively for women, Ryka has put emphasis on both style and function. Analyzing strides, shapes, and uses, they have created a specialized lineup of shoes that look great, feel great, and work great. They are durable, high-quality, and come in a variety of styles and designs for different activities and impact levels.

You will find a review of our editor’s and consumers’ list of the top training shoes on the market below with our top recommendations in 2021 in this Ryka shoes review.

Let’s get into it shall we…

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Top 7 Ryka Shoes for Cross Training

We have identified the best shoes available from Ryka, providing a comprehensive review of what is currently available on the market today. This comparison will take the top rated seven shoes from the Ryka training shoe lineup to help athletes and active women decide which is best for their needs. Whether you’re using these for activities such as walking, running, crossfit, zumba, working out at the gym, we’ll have uncovered the perfect fit for you. Each of these designs are distinctly different, not only in looks but in overall feel. Every shoe was designed with specific uses, tastes, and women in mind. You will see a comparison review table of the top 5 below with the additional 2 further down the page. If you’re looking for a brand for men check out our asics range comparison. [amazon table=”675″] 

#1. RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe (Editor’s Choice)

[amazon box=”B009EQZMZY” title=”Ryka Influence Training Shoe for Women” link_title=”Ryka Influence Training Shoe for Women” description=”

  • Highly comfortable & durable
  • 2x support layers
  • #1 choice rated by our editors.
  • Colors; array of colors and sizes.” /]

This design comes in five different bold, colorful styles. Characterized by blind eyelets for the laces and the Ryka logo positioned at the shoe’s tongue and along the outer curve around the ankle, this shoe is designed to be used day after day. With two support layers—Flex-Foil and Direct-Fuse—and a padded tongue and color, it’s a comfortable, well-fitted design. The outer sole is made of rubber while the bouncy insole is described as “Precise-Return” by Ryka. This sneaker is marketed as great for studio work and high-impact training.

It features a narrower heel, more room in the forefoot, and increased in-step volume. The footbed is secure and the sole featured a pivot point for traction while performing. The biggest complaint from consumers: more support is needed to protect from high impact activities (like running). Most consumers seem to be using this shoe for dancing and cardio classes at the gym, and some advise that it should be used primarily indoors due to the traction, or slight lack thereof. While it will do great on the studio floor, it probably won’t fair too well on concrete, pavement, and other outdoor surfaces where it will be worn down rather quickly.

#2. RYKA Women’s Vida RZX Cross-Training Shoe

[amazon box=”B00MGV3M4M” title=”RYKA Women’s Vida RZX” link_title=”RYKA Women’s Vida RZX” description=”

  • Cushioning support and resistance
  • Flex grooves for added comfort
  • Ideal for high impact sessions
  • Many vibrant color options.” /]

With a synthetic insole, this lace-up training shoe has a padded tongue and collar like other RYKA designs. It features a precision-return footbed that has been designed based on the anatomy of a woman’s foot. The rubber outer sole has strategic flex grooves. It is marketed as a great shoe for dance and studio work, along with high-impact training. It features “RE-ZORB” cushioning for comfort and improved impact resistance, which makes it particularly great for running and exercises that incorporate a lot of vertical movement.

A few consumers have noted that they feel the footwear needs a little more front cushion, but the general verdict for this one is that it offers great arch support and is ideal for high-impact workouts like HIIT. People also give it good ratings regarding ankle support, especially consumers who have previously suffered from ankle injuries. It is thanks to this that it is one of the best rated RYKA shoes when it comes to all sorts of exercises that feature a lot of sliding, turning, and jumping.

Like other RYKA designs, this shoe comes in a variety of color options that are vibrant and energizing, but they may have to size up ½ to 1 size in order to get the proper fit, especially for those with wider feet.

#3. RYKA Women’s Grafik 2 Cross-Trainer Shoe

[amazon box=”B01A620DUS” title=”RYKA Women’s Grafik 2″ link_title=”RYKA Women’s Grafik 2″ description=”

  • Breathable shoe design
  • Lightweight footwear
  • Stylish
  • Array of colors & size options available.” /]

This design is slightly more toned down, featuring bright lace color options and then a muted two-tone pallet for the rest of the shoe. Options include pink details against gray/black, blue details against gray/white, and a navy/blue option. This shoe has a rubber sole with breathable mesh construction. It features synthetic overlays and a precise-return footbed that is anatomically accurate for women’s feet. The traction uses a diamond shaped pattern, giving more grip. The pivot point is also ideal for studio and dance exercises for smooth twist, turns, and spins without sticking to the floor or tripping up.

Consumers praise it for being lightweight, however, some say it needs a wider toe bed. They like the support and comfort, and it is a popular choice out of the entire Ryka line for its various features and function. With the toe bed fitting issue out of the weight, this is perhaps the best-selling cross-training shoe for most activities. Like most of Ryka’s lineup, it is primarily used for indoor cross-training, like cardio and dance classes where the floor will be smooth.

Overall, it is determined to be one of the best shoes on the RYKA lineup for cross training thanks to its stylish, modern design and the support they provide.

#4. RYKA Women’s Grafik Shoes

[amazon box=”B00MG0OY7C” title=”RYKA Women’s Grafik” link_title=”RYKA Women’s Grafik” description=”

  • Cushioned insole
  • Lightweight (similar to the Grafik 2)
  • Can run on the smaller side
  • A lot of options with regards colors/size” /]

Similar to the Grafik 2 discussed above, the Grafik also has a more muted look to it. The Grafik features a subtle abstract pattern of lines on the mint and black design, while a solid black option is also available. Another option is available that incorporates pink, gray, and a “brushed” pattern. This shoe also comes with a cushioned insole and a precise-return footbed. It has a lightweight design overall with a low-profile midsole. The sole of the Grafik features an outer sole like the Grafik 2, with a diamond shaped pattern for grip. This shoe also features a pivot point for smooth twisting and turning during aerobics, dance, and cardio exercises in general.

Consumers do complain that this particular shoe runs on the smaller size, with some explaining they ordered the size they normally get when purchasing from Ryka’s line and discovering it was still too small. Others complain they simply weren’t durable like the typical designs the brand is so well known for. Therefore, it seems like many improvements were made in the Grafik 2 design, and when it comes down to it, that might be the better option between the two. However, there are some who absolutely adore the pair they purchased, and some of the sizing issues could have been caused by the chart/recommendations Amazon provides.

#5. RYKA Women’s Hydro Sport Water Shoe (Best Value)

[amazon box=”B00I9TT55K” title=”RYKA Hydro Sport Range” link_title=”RYKA Hydro Sport Range” description=”

  • Water resistant material
  • Very popular
  • Many positive reviews and ratings
  • Size up required” /]

This sneaker is made for water sports, and there’s no worry about getting it wet. With Chlorine resistant material and a sticky rubber outersole to improve traction on wet and slippery surfaces, this is one of the most popular shoes on Ryka’s lineup. It has a webbed construction for free entrance and exit of water, while the sole has drainage ports to ensure no one is walking around with puddles in their shoes. The footbed is made of perforated nitracel and is completely removable so it can be dried and washed as needed. Designs range from bold and colorful to more toned down red/black combinations.

Consumers use them for water walking, water aerobics, and similar activities. The consensus is that a size up may be needed, especially for people with wider feet. Overall, they have received rave reviews from fitness instructors to occasional gym-goers. Some reviewers mentioned they have a bit more padding in the sole, making them feel more like sneakers than plain old “swim shoes” (which was noted as a positive by those who mentioned it). As water shoes, these should not be used for everyday walking or out-of-water activities, as it will wear them down quickly. All in all, reviewers love that it is lightweight both in and out of the water, and doesn’t make them feel like their feet are lagging or as if their shoes are weighting them down.

#6. RYKA Moxie Crossfit Footwear

[amazon box=”B00E4NBS9G” title=”RYKA Moxie Crossfit Footwear” link_title=”RYKA Moxie Crossfit Shoe” description=”

  • Highly popular and isn’t always in stock
  • Freely moving tongue provides extra comfort
  • Very stylish
  • Extra support
  • 2 colors and few sizes available” /]

The Moxie is another popular cross-training shoe in the Ryka lineup. With a rubber sole, reflective details, and a pivot point for easy turns and twists, this shoe is made for training indoors and out. The precise-return footbed is removable and the shoe is made using N-gage EVA foam. The design is on the more muted side, with minor colored details on the chrome/lavender and black/purple/blue versions. The outersole is particularly one of the most colorful parts of the shoe, with the darker version having a neon yellow pivot point. With the freely moving tongue, this shoe gives feet a range of motion in the ankle not accomplishable in other designs that have sewed the tongue in place.

In addition to praising the overall appearance of these shoes, people also find them appealing with their lightweight design and bouncy, supportive sole. Consumers report that it takes a couple weeks to break them in, especially the heel portion, but once adjusted, they are acclaimed for being very supportive and comfortable. Like many Ryka designs, some do recommended sizing up half a size. People recommend this shoe particularly for Zumba, kickboxing, and similar exercises.

#7. RYKA Women’s INFLUENCE2.5 Cross-Trainer Shoe

[amazon box=”B01AHEGT4Y” title=”RYKA Women Influence 2.5″ link_title=”RYKA Women Influence 2.5″ description=”

  • Breathable & supportive
  • Popular in black/purple
  • Requires a size up
  • Walking shoe but does need to be replaced within 6 months
  • Perfect slip on footwear
  • Highly reviewed and rated.” /]

This particular design features a rubber sole with a grippy traction pattern and pivot point for spins, turns, and twists. It has a breathable mesh construction, a supportive lacing system, and no-sew overlays. The RE-ZORB footbed is comfortable and supportive, even with high-impact activities. This shoe also features an ergonomic sole designed to fit the natural shape of the foot and allow for smooth, comfortable movement. The two most popular color options are black/purple and blue/lime, both of which feature a pop of color rather than an all-over design.

Consumers praise the Ryka Influence 2 for having excellent arch support, but they also complain that this model is running a bit small. With a size up, they will be a great shoe for all sorts of activities. For those with wide feet who don’t necessarily need a longer fit, it’s advised that they size up just half way to see if that fixes the problem. People use it primarily indoors for dance and other cardio classes, which may be due to the quick-wearing traction. Daily walkers say the shoe does need to be replaced once the traction wears off to avoid slipping around, but overall it has been given great ratings for comfort and style. Again to summarize a perfect walking shoe but will need to be replaced within 6-12 months depending on use.

Best Ryka Walking Shoes

Many of the options in this review cover running, crossfit and athletic footwear that this brand covers. This review wouldn’t be complete without covering the optimal trainer for walking. Walking runners require comfort, style and breathability, all of which this brand can impressively boast. It is for this reason our editors have included the Devotion Plus as an option that should be considered.

[amazon box=”B00MGV3NIC” title=”RYKA Devotion Plus” link_title=”RYKA Devotion Plus” description=”

  • Perfect for walkers
  • Updated style
  • Major update to the highly acclaimed and award winning devotion style.
  • Breathable upper mesh
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Unique arch support
  • Over 300 reviews” /]


All of Ryka’s designs are stylish, functional, and designed with women in mind. While many consumers suggest sizing up ½-1 size to get the right fit, the support and comfort provided is well worth it. They are considered durable overall with a mix of colorful flair and serious details. The traction of each piece of footwear is well thought out, and the popular brand’s pivot point is recommended all over for dance classes and studio work where being able to get over one’s own feet is essential to a smooth workout. If you’re looking for a great workout routine to go with  your newly acquainted purchase, you can check out our at home workouts. If you’re looking for where to buy Ryka shoes, we’ve covered this also.

All in all, these cross-trainer options are all excellent choices, it just comes down to which activity the user will be doing the most. For water sports, obviously the water shoe will be the go-to. When it comes to outdoor exercises, the Moxie is a top contender. For indoor training, however, Ryka makes quite a few great designs to choose from. Go through the ones on this list and decide which will work best for your taste and application. Our editors have rated the Influence the top choice and for good reason.

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