ASICS Women’s GEL-Craze TR 3 Shoe

The Asics Gel Craze TR 3 is one of our top picks for women and for a great reason. You will discover it by yourself as you read on. It comes with a lot excellent features and wonderful technologies. It’s lightweight, durable and really comfortable. These shoes are ideal for your sessions of intense cross training in the gym and outdoors.

Main Features

  • High abrasion rubber on the outsole
  • It is made up of FluidRide midsole
  • The midsole is made up of Solyte and SpEva material
  • It comes with a back foot and front foot gel cushioning system
  • It features FluidAxis midsole technology

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Why they made it number 2 on our list:

Outsole – The outsole of the shoe is structured through a combination of technologies that provide better protection, performance and a lighter shoe feeling. The High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) technology makes use of extra durable rubber compound.

Midsole – A mixture of patented technologies of the shoe makes the shoes highly comfortable for training. The FluidRide technology supplies the definitive amalgamation of bounce back and cushioning effect and at the same time keeps the shoe light and highly durable.

Upper part of the shoe – The remarkable upper construction, gives it a cushioning performance and breathability properties for a cooler, drier, healthier feet environment.

Weight – The shoes are extremely light which adds to the comfort and

Breathability – It’s breathable air mesh upper together with the wider toe box helps the foot to breathe and offer it great ventilation.

Comfort – The Asics Gel Craze TR 3 is very comfortable for cross training due to its FluidRide technology and Gel Cushioning system.

Style – It is made up of stylish and outstanding design.

Durability – The high quality materials used to build the Asics Gel Craze TR 3 make the shoe very resistant yet it is still light and flexible.

Protection – The protection provided by the Asics Gel Caze TR 3 is remarkable. The technologies used in the midsole provide maximum cushioning and protection from the impact on every step you take. The FluidRide technology provides the definitive combination of bounce back and cushioning properties while keeping the shoe light and extremely durable.

Responsiveness – The different technologies used in the design and production of the Asics Gel Craze TR 3 provide you the best control while training indoors and outdoors.

Support – The product offers the essential support you need if you over or under pronate.  The shoes support your neutral foot arches and comes with additional space in the toe box. The memory foam padded interior and the Gel Cushioning units.

Terrain Performance – The training shoes functions very well while training over track, road and gravel paths, indoors and outdoors and also under wet and dry conditions. It provides good support and responsiveness with outstanding breathability.

Pricing  – These are one of the most affordable shoes in the market and are good value for your money.

The grip and footing – The rubber outsole of the Asics Gel Craze TR 3 offers you an excellent traction when you are running on different forms of flat surfaces – wet or dry, outdoors or indoors. It comes with AHAR technology which provides you with solid grip and lasting footing to your midsole. The outsole is structured to provide you with utmost stability while you are cross training.

Flexibility – The Asics Gel Craze TR 3 trainers come with additional cushioning and supper protection technology and at the same time supplies excellent flexibility. It keeps you safe and comfortable while doing tough cross training.

How stable it is – The plastic outsole with the AHAR technology in addition to the FluidAxis midsole technology provides you with the best control while training. The Gel Cushioning units and the FluidRide midsole offers you great stability.

The Drop size – The shoe drop is the how the height of the heel differs from the height of the toe. The shoes have a 10 mm drop.


  • It comes with great combination of bounce back and cushioning features.
  • It is a great shoe for training
  • It comes with excellent back foot and front foot Gel Cushioning System
  • It is stylishly made
  • It is extremely comfortable.
  • It is very affordable.


  • The sizing is slightly narrow.
  • The Heel cushion is slightly soft and some users have mentioned this has affected the stability.


The shoes provides good support, traction, and excellent comfort during training. It is good value for the price. It is highly breathable and comes with excellent ventilation that keeps your feet cool and warm. It has excellent cushioning and enough space for the toes. It comes in varieties of color and sizes. There are many reasons this shoe the made our top 10 cut and if the above points haven’t convinced you then be sure to check out the full range of Asics shoes that can help you make up your mind.

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