Best Crossfit & WOD Compression Socks

Gone are the days when socks were just used to cover one’s feet. Today, aspiring and professional athletes/bodybuilders/fitness enthusiasts and even the general public have started to wear CrossFit socks today. These socks provide the much-needed protection to your knees when you do intense workouts such as box jumps. They come with built-in compression system to give the much-needed flexibility and endurance needed for workouts.

In this article, we are going to give you a brief overview of the top 11 best CrossFit socks in 2021, to help you in your decision-making.

Best Crossfit & WOD Socks in 2021

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#1. SB SOX Compression

[amazon box=”B01LA8QJXM” title=”SB SOX Compression Socks” link_title=”SB SOX Compression Socks” description=”

  • Unisex compression socks
  • 4,000+ reviews online
  • Very useful for intense workouts and muscle recovery
  • Comes with a cushioned heel for extra comfort
  • Lightweight fabric designed especially for muscle fatigue relief” /]


  • Excellent comfort and relief without compromising on mobility
  • Made from anti-odor and anti-static fiber that prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Lightweight fabric that keeps sweat at bay
  • Keeps feet dry and comfortable even when used for a long time


  • Not many color combinations except blue and black
  • In some cases, the toe seams weren’t up to the desired quality

Bottom Line

These socks can be used for various purposes such as workouts, traveling, medical reasons, sports, etc. They are also quite affordably priced. However, we would like to caution our readers to buy these socks only after confirming that it is the original product. There are issues of counterfeits floating in the market at a very low quality.  Hence, it is better to be safe than sorry.

#2. Under Armor All Sport Performance Over the Calf

[amazon box=”B00CNKD3JU” title=”Under Armor Performance Socks” link_title=”Under Armor Performance Socks” description=”

  • High durability because it is made from 83% polyester
  • Lightweight fabric which improves mobility and flexibility of players/athletes
  • Comfortable top-opening style
  • Breathable quality fabric that keeps feet dry even after using for a long time” /]


  • Keeps sweat at bay even when the climate is very hot
  • Great socks to be worn along with cowboy boots
  • Keeps toes warm during extremely cold climates
  • Gives real-cloth feel, making them very comfortable
  • Comes with a decent cushioning


  • Doesn’t fit that great for exceptionally tall people (6’2” and above)
  • Some users reported early wear & tear issues
  • Some users witnessed holes in their socks within few months of usage

Bottom Line

Though we hate you tell this, this socks from Under Armor shouldn’t be your first choice when you are looking for high-quality over the calf socks. Quality issues, fit issues and comfort issues have been reported by too many users while using this brand.

#3. TCK Sports Elite

[amazon box=”B00N47TD4U” title=”TCK Sports Elite” link_title=”TCK Sports Elite” description=”

  • Knee-high socks
  • High-quality material, made using 64% polypropylene and 27% nylon
  • Comes with various features like automatic moisture control, breathable mesh, blister control, ergonomic cushions, double welt top and extra pads for heel & toe
  • Excellent durability” /]


  • Comes in highly stylish and attractive like neon yellow and bright orange
  • Gives enough space for your legs to breathe
  • Comes with plenty of cushion and arch support
  • Good value for money


  • Not suitable for people with large calves
  • Too much thread inside the socks, which sometimes makes it tight, even though you buy the right size
  • Not suitable for all sports; for example, you cannot wear them for skiing

Bottom Line

Though the material of the size is great and comfortable, too many users seem to have a problem with the size. Hence, we would recommend you to look for other over-the-calf models in this price range, if you want the best quality.

#4. Puma Terry Low Cut Socks

[amazon box=”B06X3S6G6T” title=”SB SOX Compression Socks” link_title=”SB SOX Compression Socks” description=”

  • Stylish low-cut socks suit great for people who aren’t keen on compression
  • Made from 89% polyester, which guarantees you durability and flexibility
  • Comes with arch support and cushioned heels
  • Contains inbuilt moisture control properties” /]


  • Extra cushioned padding doesn’t impact breathability at all
  • The fitting is great
  • Elasticity, shape, color, and features are the same even after many washes
  • Good value for money as it comes in a pack of 6


  • Loose threads get caught in the toes, for some users
  • Not a great fit for people who wear bigger sized shoes (11 and above)
  • Initially quite tight, but it does stretch out eventually

Bottom Line

These low-cut socks are stylish, super-efficient and quite durable. Coming from the stables of Puma they did have high hopes pinned against them and we are happy to announce that these socks won’t disappoint you.

#5. Swiftwick Aspire Zero No Show

[amazon box=”B0075NFYMO” title=”Swiftwick Aspire Zero No Show” link_title=”Swiftwick Aspire Zero No Show” description=”

  • Made from high-quality, lightweight Olefin fiber (40%) that has inbuilt moisture control properties
  • Resistant to abrasions
  • Comes with arch support for extra comfort and channeled uppers to give more breathability to users
  • Footbed styled in a mesh knit pattern to give more flexibility and breathability
  • Comes with Y-shaped stitch pattern at the heels for easy foot movement
  • Invisible toe seams reduce all chances of friction while using for long hours” /]


  • Comes in six cuff designs and variety of color options
  • Great for all types of adventure activities
  • Excellent pair of socks for people who sweat profusely


  • Threads coming off within few days of usage in some cases
  • Some users witnessed holes soon after using these socks

Bottom Line

Swiftwick Aspire Zero No Show socks are great for running, hiking, biking and other adventure activities. They are very affordably priced and come with a lot of comfortable features. We suggest you give it a try, too.

#6. CompressionZ

[amazon box=”B016M84PQI” title=”CompressionZ” link_title=”CompressionZ” description=”

  • Unisex compression socks; highly recommended by medical experts for quick pain relief
  • Therapeutic and stylish socks designed to increase your stamina, flexibility, and mobility
  • Made from antibacterial and moisture-wicking materials
  • Great for professional sportsmen because it provides high-quality compression, without compromising on foot movement
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee” /]


  • Provides relief from various conditions like shin splints, rashes, and inflammation
  • Loud and bold styles combined with fun patterns; available in 11 funky patterns
  • Improves muscle recovery time and reduces soreness, thereby improving your overall stamina


  • Funky patterns like polka dots and stripes leave marks on the skin after removing the socks in some cases
  • While the calf fits well, the feet didn’t fit well for some users
  • Sizes too small for some of them, in spite of ordering the right size

Bottom Line

We are quite concerned about the marks that these socks leave on your skin while removing them. So, we would not recommend this to you even though it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

#7. 2XU Compression Performance Run

[amazon box=”B00A8EZ5QM” title=”2XU Compression Socks” link_title=”2XU Compression Socks” description=”

  • Comes with compression support for the calf, shin, ankle, and foot
  • Easy, breathable design for shin and foot
  • Footbed comes with cushion padding for extra comfort
  • Lightweight material that comes with moisture-wicking properties
  • Comes with 12 months warranty” /]


  • Linked toe cage and extra cushion padding for comfort and mobility
  • Excellent fit to improve blood circulation
  • Low muscle oscillation, leading to reduced fatigue


  • Some models ripped off within few days of usage
  • Doesn’t fit properly

Bottom Line

Though these socks claim that they are made from high-quality materials, many users have complained about rip-off issues. We are not impressed with the quality of these socks!

#8. Angelgg Compression

[amazon box=”B071RKKZPL” title=”Angelgg Compression” link_title=”Angelgg Compression” description=”

  • Comes with graduated compression and faster muscle recovery, thereby improving oxygen circulation
  • Made in Germany from medical-grade machine to make durable, comfortable and flexible socks
  • Tested in laboratories and fields by professional runners and athletes
  • Comes with 45-day money-back guarantee” /]


  • Works great for large calves
  • High-quality compression
  • Great value for money


  • Doesn’t fit well
  • Doesn’t stretch to the desired level

Bottom Line

We are quite appalled to see that this product has got quite a lot of negative reviews, with a majority of them suggesting that it doesn’t fit well at all. Therefore, we recommend you to look for better alternatives in this price range, to get good value for your investment.

#9. Reebok Low Cut Performance

[amazon box=”B00HPSO3XU” title=”Reebok Low Cut Performance” link_title=”Reebok Low Cut Performance” description=”

  • Made from 95% polyester, thereby ensuring 100% durability
  • Comes with extra cushioned padding to provide more comfort, mobility, and breathability for users
  • Extra support for users, thanks to the reinforced heel and toe features” /]


  • Stretchable fabric for comfort and support
  • Keeps feet dry and healthy even when worn for long hours
  • Socks don’t shrink even after many washes


  • Doesn’t have smell-control features, so feet begin to stink after a while, in some cases

Bottom Line

Reebok has a name for itself in the world of sports apparels, and these socks live up to the reputation of this brand. Try these once, and you won’t regret your decision.

#10. Go2 Compression

[amazon box=”B01BGY153E” title=”Go2 Compression” link_title=”Go2 Compression” description=”

  • Comes with extra underfoot cushion for additional feet comfort
  • Clinically effective socks that improve blood circulation
  • Made from fabric that fights against moisture, odor, and bacteria” /]


  • Cuts down all abrasions, thereby reducing pain in the legs
  • Keeps feet dry and clean even after long hours of usage
  • Comes with 100% money-back guarantee
  • Comes in various styles and colors


  • Top cuff is not stretchy enough
  • Doesn’t fit well for people with big calves

Bottom Line

These socks are quite affordably priced, and they come in value packs as well. Since they are made from highly comfortable and safe fabric, we suggest you try them. If you aren’t satisfied, you can always make use of the money back guarantee option!

#11. MudGear Compression Socks

[amazon box=”B00YF3WATW” title=”Mudgear Compression Socks” link_title=”Mudgear Compression Socks” description=”

  • 1.3k+ Reviews on Amazon
  • Made in the USA
  • Comfortable, yet strongly made
  • Quicker recovery
  • Fits as Expected
  • Better leg protection
  • Multiple sizes and colors available” /]

Another option to throw into the mix is the highly regarded mud gear socks. These have been created with superiority in mind, prevention against injury and of course are renowned for quality having been made in the USA.


Well there you have it, the top 11 best compression, WOD & Crossfit socks on the market today. These will fit perfect with your crossfit shoes. If you’re serious about your training then this will be a great addition to your gym bag and training gear. We’ve compiled the most detailed review for your benefit so you do not need to crawl the internet to find the most suitable options. Below you will find


Is it mandatory that I wear socks specific to Crossfit?

Real answer is not really. It isn’t necessary but then again the socks on this page have been tested for comfort while working out. Once less thing to worry about when you train.

Can’t I just go barefoot?

Great question. If you have the appropriate footwear, then the answer is go for it. We recommend these, you’ll barely feel as if you have anything on at all.

Are these options all unisex?

All options selected on this page are for both males and females. If there is a case it is for a single gender, this will be specified.

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