Best Jump Ropes Review for Crossfit

crossfit ropesYou’ve most likely landed on this website in search of the best jump-ropes on the market. Lucky for you, we’ve rigorously tried and tested 34 different ropes and reviewed the top 7 which you’ll find down below. It’s possible you’ve probably owned one of these before, and you might even have one tucked away somewhere. But when it comes to an actual cross fit training jump rope, you can’t venture into the toy aisle looking for one. This list will show you six of the top choices for jump ropes if you’re looking to get into cross training this year.

Top 7 Crossfit Jump Ropes for Training

Our editors have researched all the options available on the market in 2021 for which jump-ropes are ideal for training. We’re confident that we’ve brought you the best selections that can allow you engage in the best workout possible. In our testing, we’ve identified many ropes which were not fit for purpose, however there are some great ropes you almost shouldn’t train without. Below you will find the top 5 comparison chart and also our 6th & 7th options in total listed on this page. The 6th & 7th option can be found here and here.

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#1 Elite Surge 2.0 Crossfit Speed Rope 5 – Our Editors’ Choice

[amazon box=”B06XH2NZPP” title=”Elite Surge 2.0″ link_title=”Elite Surge 2.0″ description=”

  • Comfortable Grip
  • Long lasting
  • #1 design rated by our team of editors.
  • Array of colors available.” /]

This jump rope features an improved handle design for comfortable grip by any size hands. The slimmer handle also increase the speed and smoothness of your jumps, and the double ball bearing in the handles means the Elite Surge 2.0 will give you the quickest turns ever! Priced at $29.99, this rope is adjustable to whatever length you desire. The cable won’t fray and it can be changed out to the cable of your choice. It’s kink resistant, and the foam grips mean the rope won’t be going anywhere but with you in your gym bag.

It comes in a variety of colors and is compatible with six different cable types whether you’re jumping indoors or out. If jumping outdoors or on a rough surface, use a jumping mat or replace the cable with a 3mm outdoor rated cable.  

#2 WOD Nation

[amazon box=”B00K1VOXYW” title=”WOD Nation” link_title=”WOD Nation” description=”

  • Made for speed
  • Reasonably priced
  • Includes carry bag
  • 100%  life time guarantee
  • Multiple colors available.” /]

This WOD Nation skipping rope is meant for blazing fast speed. If you’re endurance training, this design will keep going and going right along with you. Priced reasonably, this design comes in nine different colors and comes with a carrying bag. It claims that it will help you cut seconds or even minutes off your WOD times. It’s fast but also stable, so don’t worry about inaccurate swings or getting tangled up in your purchase. With a 100% lifetime guarantee, they will be there to help if you have any problems.

You can switch out the cable with any compatible rope to fit your needs, although the cable that comes standard should be the perfect way to start your training. Reviewers say it works great for single, double, and triple unders. It has enough weight to give you good momentum while not be so heavy that it feels rough when you swing it. It also comes with a spare cable and replacement hardware in case something goes wrong. Similar to the WOD crossfit gloves, the support remains impeccable for this product also. 

#3 Survival and Cross

[amazon box=”B00LGXE5NS” title=”Rated #3 by our Editors” link_title=”Survival and cross” description=”

  • 5,600+ reviews online
  • Low cost
  • 100% life-time guarantee
  • Multiple colors available.” /]

This jump rope from Survival and Cross is made to move. With an adjustable length and a speed cable standard, you will have a fantastic experience skipping indoors or out. It’s lightweight and made from high-quality materials. The handles are sleek and easy to grip while fully-adjustable and ready to go with you anywhere you’re headed. Location and weather aren’t a concern with the super durable cable.

There is no mention of a warranty, however, at just $10 people seem to be very happy with their purchase. Reviewers are using it for everything from a pre-MMA warmup to double unders and long cardio sessions. It has over 5,100 reviews in all averaging 4.5 stars. 

#4 321 Strong

[amazon box=”B00G5UCNFE” title=”321 Strong” link_title=”321 Strong” description=”

  • 500+ reviews
  • Cheap but high quality
  • Rated 4th by our editors (Out of 34 ropes)
  • Multiple options available.” /]

This aluminum skipping-rope is both extremely lightweight and durable. The easily adjusted cable length extends up to 11 feet, one of the longest options available for people up to 7 feet tall. It has a 90-degree ball bearing handle on each end for high revolutions and tangle-free operation. It’s perfect for double unders and includes replacement spare thumb screws, a replacement cable, and replacement vinyl caps so you won’t have to be without a working jump-rope!

The aluminum handles feature foam grips for a comfortable and firm hold on the rope while you jump. With over 500 reviews, many of which are positive everyone seems to be very pleased with their purchase. While no mention of a warranty, the spare parts allow for quick and easy repair if ever needed. Despite the high ratings, a couple of people seem to have received a dud product, which some say Amazon was willing to refund. 

#5 Synergee RX

[amazon box=”B0751JWBB2″ title=”Rated #5 – Synergee RX Ropes” link_title=”Synergee RX Ropes” description=”

  • 120+ reviews
  • 2x Ropes
  • Rated 5th by our editors (Out of 34 ropes)
  • Compact” /]

This jump rope comes with a 10’ adjustable cable and is available in the boldest, brightest colors. While you can purchase the full black model, you can also get neon pink and neon green. The handles are 5.5” and feature comfortable grips for you to hold as you jump. This rope allows you to increase speed, master double unders, and beat your own time again and again. You’ll get two 10-foot cables in each pack along with a pair of handles, six end caps, six stoppers, two rope twist ties, and one zippered carrying bag. They do offer a free replacement guarantee and money-back refund if anything goes wrong, and say the 2mm thick cable is equivalent to the Ultra RX Smart Gear Cable Weight.

At $13.99, this is a deal. The cable is PVC wrapped steel and it has an excellent weight and feel to it. Reviewers like the weight and slick movement, and compliment it for being smooth to swing and highly accurate. People begin seeing improvement in just a week or two as they adapt to the quicker swings and smoother feel. 

#6 Evolution Six

[amazon box=”B01N7Y6EXZ” title=”Rated #6 – by Evolution” link_title=”Evolution” description=”

  • Low Cost
  • Compact
  • Designed for speed
  • 4 Stars” /]

This rope is made for both men and women and it was created with cross fit in mind. At $9.95, don’t let the cheap price deter you. The long aluminium handles are sleek and feature a comfortable foam grip. The handle design allows for a smooth, accurate turn each time and can increase your speed by seconds, or even minutes. You’ll get an extra speed cable and replacement accessories with your purchase. Although there is no money back guarantee, the verdict is that it’s worth the less than $10 to pick one up and see if you like it. It also comes with the Evolution SIX Jump-Start Pack, which gives you access to HD workout videos, Evolution SIX workout methods, fitness recipes, and much more.

This speedy design is given high ratings with reviewers noting the quality is great for the price. The kink-free wire means it comes out straight and smooth each time with no mechanical memory of being curled up in your gym bag. Casual jump ropers will need to adjust to the slim, quick cable that actually can’t be seen as you jump—unless you go with the neon option. 

#7 FitSkuad Speed Jump Rope

[amazon box=”B00WO9O7HC” title=”FitSkuad Speed Rope” link_title=”FitSkuad Speed Rope” description=”

  • 620 reviews – extremely positive
  • Fair price
  • Includes carry bag
  • Light weight
  • Multiple color options.” /]

Here are the reasons you should check out what FitSkuad have to offer:
1. Handles are light and strong with grip that provides comfort.
2. Easily portable.
3. Perfect for improving your cardio technique and mastering your double unders.
4. Extra speed from the low friction movement.
5. Save time with this rope. This design can achieve in 10 minutes what most have to do in thirty mins of jogging.

What Makes the Perfect Crossfit Jump Rope?

1. Quality

In your selection for a jump-rope you should always ensure the upmost quality. It’s easy to be sold into cheap but the reality is you get what you pay for. From our experience the cheaper designs quickly break and need to be replaced far more often. Quality equates to durability. In addition to this, the better the quality the easier it is to perfect your technique and get the best possible workout. the last thing you need is something to impede your workout

2. Weight

The ultimate jump ropes for cross training are generally light in weight. The wire cable, coating and the rope itself are all very light in nature, which assists with strengthening your wrists and provides a lot more movement when exercising.

3. Smooth Movement

When researching the perfect ropes for training it’s important that they have as smooth a motion as possible, ensuring your technique is easy to implement. The ball bearings should have a constant and efficient movement. The handles are essentially what provide you with the crucial impact of movement. If you’re looking to knock out double unders consistently then a design that comes with smooth low friction movement is exactly what you’re in need of.

4. Grip

One of the most important factors in obtaining the low friction movement is through the purchase of ropes with solid handle grip. To avoid calluses and cuts while allowing you to have a prolonged workout, ensure there is a solid grip on the selection you choose. Soft but consistent grip will ultimately provide you with the best gym workout possible. Ensure this is something you’re looking out for in your review of the best available jumping ropes on the market.


These jump ropes take it to the next level with unique handle designs, smooth yet durable wrapped steel cables, and a variety of other features. When shopping for a jump rope, the two things you primarily need to search for are: adjustable and durable. All of the above ropes meet both those criteria, which means you can move forward and narrow down your options based on whether you want an ergonomic grip handle or a sleek and slim handle. You can also decide if you want a black cable that will disappear into your environment or a neon cable that you can see as you skip.

Additionally, if you’re especially tall, you may opt for an option that has an 11’ cable compared to the standard 10’. While 10’ should be plenty enough for most men and women, there are people who need that extra foot. Adjusting the cable should be a simple process, especially since a few handle designs feature a quick adjustment clasp that you can slide up the rope to shorten or lengthen the available cable. Other ropes require you to tie off the cable to the desired length. The extra will hang out at the end of either handle, or you can snip it and tie it off for a clean look if you prefer.

All in all, choosing a jump rope for cross training with can actually be quite an ordeal. You’ll want to check reviews and ask yourself about the looks and features you’re going for. If you’re unsure, a rope with a warranty will make sure you won’t be stuck with something you don’t want. But, spending a bit less will still get you replacement parts in case something breaks. Whichever rope you go with, make sure you give it (and yourself) a chance before bringing it back. If you’ve never used a workout rope before, it will take a bit of getting used to. Finally, make sure you’ve also got the right footwear in place for any training you’re doing, which will prevent injury.


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