Supplements to Gain Weight Quickly

If you are naturally fit, slim and slender, it is possible that you have difficulties gaining weight. That is a very common thing, and it is way healthier than being overweight. People who are considered hard gainers need to eat more, eat healthier and be very determined and focused when it comes to hitting the gym. Hard gainers must eat at least 5 or 6 meals per day, and their calorie intake should be very high – between 3000 and 4000 calories on daily basis.

How to Really Use Inexpensive Supplements to Gain Weight Quickly For Skinny Guys

Things that make weight gaining less stressful are simply called – supplements. These substances are very much present worldwide and their main purpose is to help you gain weight quickly. These supplements help you improve your gym skills and training performance, and are mostly affordable.

Most popular food supplements are:

  1. Protein supplements
  2. Glutamine products
  3. Fatty acids
  4. Testosterone boosting products
  5. Creatine boosters
  6. Prohormones
  7. Thermogenic supplements
  8. Meal replacements

Just a quick reminder, before we start talking about inexpensive food supplements: before you choose any of these products visit your physician, and ask him for opinion and recommendation. Your health comes first, so keep that in mind while you are gaining weight and working out. Do not use any of these products without talking to your doctor.

  1. Protein supplements

Most popular food supplements, by far, especially among those who are gym regulars, and have trouble gaining weight while working out. These kinds of products usually contain creatine, various vitamins and minerals, and whey protein as the main ingredient. The most popular kind is the protein supplement in the form of powder, which helps building muscles and making them firmer and larger.

The best way to use protein supplements is to consume them right after you finish with your training, and they will start working immediately, by helping your muscles grow and by (at the same time) repairing your muscle tissue. The main ingredient is, as we have already mentioned, whey protein, and it is a very common type. Body absorbs it fast and easy, and it is filled with amino acids – which are highly important for the fast yet proper development of your body, and muscles. Milk protein also known as Casein, is filled with glutamine and casomorphin – and these two substances help your body absorb all these different amino acids. Vegetarians and vegans have their own alternative called soy protein (which is, logically, made from soy beans) and it is also a very popular and good solution for weight gainers. This protein is the kind which contains isoflavones.

For lactose intolerant weight gainers, egg white protein is the winning combination: it is both lactose and dairy free, and suitable for them, completely.  Another kind of protein, filled with fatty acids, comes from hemp seeds, and is very popular since it is extremely easy to digest.

  1. Glutamine products

First of all, let us clarify what is glutamine? It is a very important amino acid, which is normally part of human body. Glutamine products and supplements are used worldwide to help you prevent the loss of these extremely important amino acids, because their deficit can cause a series of health problems such as: injury of muscle tissue, weakness, nausea, headache etc. These supplements should be used only if your doctor approves it, so before deciding to buy and test these products, visit your physician.

  1. Fatty acids

If you are training very hard and if you are determined to get well toned, you need to use essential fatty acid products. This is an absolute must for people who are dieting while training, because these acids can become deficit in your body, which is a very bad thing. Excellent supplement or additions to your diet are fish fats, which of course, are not created in our bodies. However, our body needs them (for instance – brain needs them the most).

When it comes to very important linolenic acid, you should know that there is only one type of oil (which can be bought at the store) containing it, and that is soybean oil. Other oils we often use, like corn oil, safflower or sunflower oil, do not contain linolenic acid. If you want to improve your daily intake of fatty acids, eat more walnut seeds or pumpkin seeds. Monounsaturated fats are contained in macadamia nuts, and also in olive oil (which is all in all, very healthy). These fats that we have mentioned above do not affect the level of your cholesterol, unlike some common polyunsaturated. Branched chain amino acids also known as BCAAs are very important because they have a strong anabolic effect inside our muscles (which is crucial for people in training).

  1. Testosterone boosting products

If you need to I crease the level of testosterone in your body, you can choose between numerous products, both natural and synthetic. There are few plants which will help you increase testosterone level and there are also various chemically produced supplements. Many doctors are against these products because they are quite new on the market, and they haven’t been fully researched or tested in the past. Although producers guarantee that these products are harmless and highly efficient, there are no true scientific confirmations to support that. All these drugs have one common goal – to increase your body’s testosterone-estrogens level. Since these medications and supplements can have terrible contraindications never use them before or without talking to your doctor first. Possible contraindications: hair loss, appearance of acne, testicles atrophies and so on.

  1. Creatine boosters

Creatine is originally part of our organism. It is an organic, natural acid, which supplies our muscles with necessary energy. Creatine is a very important acid in our body since it increases our muscles strength, improves functions of brain and other organs, gives us high level of energy, reduces potential mental fatigue (which is quite common), helps us heal and recover faster and also (and this is important for heavy gainers) helps us gain weight and build strong and firm muscle mass. Steroids and other popular drugs are chemical and artificial. Unlike them, creatine is not, and it can be found in huge variety of food products, for instance in different kinds of fish (herring, tuna or salmon), in meet (beef, especially red meat and kidney meat) etc.

Creatine enlarges our muscle cells, by drawing water into them, which gives them great volume and makes them bigger. Although creatine boosters can be bought in almost every drug store, there is a huge variety among them. If you decide to buy one of these products, be sure to talk to your physician first, and afterwards find the best value for money, and search for the certified, approved, tested and inexpensive product. These can be really helpful for those who might be really skinny but only work in combination with a regimented diet and exercise.

  1. Prohormones

Prohormones are not a mainstream product, so to say. They are mostly used by professional bodybuilders, and they are precursors to hormones (testosterone to be precise). The main problem with prohormones is that they are still new on market, and they haven’t been properly tested (actually, studies haven’t been quite thorough). Although you could easily buy prohormones over the counter in the past, that is not the case anymore. Today, in order to buy prohormones, you need to show a valid prescription (that is the situation in the US and many countries worldwide). Needless to say, if you decide to use these products, always talk to your doctor first.

  1. Thermogenic supplements/products – Thermogenics

Thermogenics are all supplements which will increase your metabolism, make your body temperature higher, and normally help you burn body fat faster. Till 2004 every supplement from this group (thermogenics) contained ECA stack: E – ephedrine, C – Caffeine and A – aspirin. Since 2004, this is not the case since ephedrine was banned (by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and cannot be used as the supplement for Thermogenic products. Many manufacturers stopped producing these products completely while some of them still make thermogenics but with citrus aurantium instead of banned ephedrine.

  1. Meal replacements

These products are extremely popular, and can be bought in every store over the counter. They are often very tasty, and come in different flavors. Meal replacements are mainly powdered drinks, shakes and edible energy bars. You use them and consume them instead of eating a full meal, and they are usually low fat but at the same time filled with proteins, vitamins and minerals – they help you build muscles without getting unwanted body fat, and give you energy. Meal replacements are usually made of: calcium, whey protein (or other kind of proteins), oat, rice, different fibres, flax oil (powdered) which provides you with a necessary amount of fatty acids etc.

How to choose the right product?

Never make this decision without consulting your doctor. He needs to run necessary tests, see how healthy you are. After that, he will help you choose the right supplement/product to start using. Never combine these products, it is not healthy and can be a strong attack to your muscles which might cause numerous side effects. Also, do not waste money on everything you see on TV, or a friend recommends. We all have different eating habits, exercise regimes and health problems, which is why you need to have a custom made program which you will follow, and that includes only using certain products which will not hurt your body in any way.

Always go for the best quality

When it comes to your body and your health – only the best is good enough. Although you are planning to buy an inexpensive supplement/product, you should always look for the best you can get. Try finding a product which offers best value for money, and also read the tag patiently, to see what the ingredients are. If you are not sure what your desired product contains, consult a doctor or a pharmacist, before purchasing. Read reviews online, or in certified bodybuilding magazine, get informed and don’t rush in. You can easily find a product that suits you well, and for a low price, just be patient and do your research thoroughly.

Find answers and shop online

If you are not sure which product is the right solution for you, you can search for explanations, details, and recommendations online. There is an enormous article base online where you can get all your questions answered, and make your own decision what to buy and where (because online, you can compare prices too). Companies which produce supplements often have online support which will help you choose between products and decide which one will help you achieve your goal. Also, you can find sales and discounts and get a better price then you could if shopping at the store.  Needles to say, before you purchase anything, give your physician a call and ask for his opinion.

Keep in mind that finding a good, quality product is not that simple (we recommend XtremeNo), it may take some time and thinking, so do not be in a hurry. It is always better to measure twice before buying something, especially when it comes to food or some food supplements. These products can cost from 15 to over 200 dollars, and the price depends on the type of product you are going to buy.

Once you find the right product for you, remember that you must be disciplined once you start using it; you need to take precise amounts (as suggested) and should never mix few products together. If you experience any kind of health issues/problems, visit your doctor and immediately stop using the food supplement you have started consuming. Some people react badly on these products and they shouldn’t force themselves to continue using food supplements. It is unhealthy and will give no expected results. If that happens, your doctor will create a perfect diet which will help you stay fit, and you will have to forget about these food supplements.

If used properly, these products will help you look and feel better. Act smart, and always keep in mind that your health comes first! If you’re looking to in fact lose weight then the optimal solution for you is to use green juice for weight loss. Green juice is highly recommended for those aiming to achieve the opposite of this article and works to assist in solving your weight issues.

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