Best Knee Sleeves For CrossFit

Want to know one of the major factors that prevents enthusiastic people from carrying out their workouts?

knee sleeves for men and women

That’s right, injury!

If you’re in search of the right knee sleeve to aid in your training or workout sessions, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of the top knee sleeves on the market in 2020.

Lucky for you we’ve done all the research so you don’t have to. Our comprehensive and complete guide of the only brands you need will provide you with the necessary information you need to make an informed decision. All of these sleeves for your knee will give you the support you need without getting in the way of your training or becoming uncomfortable. After all, the last thing you need is a knee sleeve that gets in your way, pinches, rubs, or causes sweating. Training can be touch enough as it is, without adding discomfort into the loop.

Lets jump straight into the top selections our editors have chosen.

Top 7 Knee Sleeves for Training in 2020

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As mentioned, our editors have researched the best options on the market, categorised and approved each and every selection you’ll find below. We know fully well how difficult it can be to scour the internet for hours only to feel like you’re back at the start of search. You’ll find we have listed our selections from 1 to 7 below and included all the relevant information you need to make an informed decision.

#1 Nordic Knee Sleeves (Editor Choice)

[amazon box=”B00SW2O5M2″ title=”Nordic Sleeves” link_title=”Nordic Sleeves” description=”

  • Unisex Model
  • 6 different sizes
  • #1 choice rated by our editors.
  • 1 year guaranteed replacement
  • 2K+ reviews online
  • Excellent customer service” /]

The design from Nordic Lifting are made for CrossFit. At 7mm thick, these neoprene sleeves are marketed as ideal for squats, weight lifting, and all sorts of training. It’s a unisex sleeve, and comes in multiple sizes. It’s available in black so don’t worry about having to hide any vibrant neons with this sleeve! Reviewers confirm it provides warmth and support without slipping down even as you workout.

With over 2,000 reviews online and thousands of positive reviews, it’s no wonder these highly acclaimed shoes are noted as the top selection online. Whether it’s squats, hight impact training, weightlifting or even athletics these will be suitable for you. Best of all these are suitable for both males and females. Sizes range from X small all the way up to XX Large.

If you didn’t think these could get any better, you’d be wrong.

You also get 1 entire year free replacement. (Zero hassle guaranteed)

Those wondering how well the customer service is are in for a treat. Many have claimed they’re responsive and really helpful. One of the reasons they’ve liked got a near to 5 star review online.

Worst case scenario, wearing these stylish yet effective sleeves will make you look like a professional.

Need faster recovery? These are the perfect option for you.

It’s no wonder these have made our top list and more important the #1 slot. Almost 2k people who have purchased the item agree with us.

#2 Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves

[amazon box=”B016NF2CKG” title=”Bear KompleX Sleeves” link_title=”Bear KompleX Sleeves” description=”

  • Voted #2 by our Editors
  • 770+ customer reviews
  • Sold as a pair
  • Comes in 5mm and 7mm
  • Excellent customer service” /]

Bear KompleX offers a variety of CrossFit training products, and their knee supports are no exception in their line of high-quality items. (Other items include jump ropes and wrist support)

These come in a variety of patterns, including camo, solid black and many other colors. Sold in pairs, they’re priced differently according to the color you choose. Reviewers like that they are comfortable and stay in place without rolling up.

Speaking of reviewers, this design boasts over 660+ reviews, with active fitness enthusiasts raving about their products. You would be if they prevent and relieve pain or injury.

Thickness is at the heart of many of the comments online with these manufactured in both 5mm and 7mm. Squats, running, crossfit you name it these serve a purpose. Even if you’re into power lifting this brand’s design is ideal for you.

Comfort has been highlighted numerous times and key contributor to the success of their product.

The one caveat to these is that durability is questionable. Should you feel you’ll need to wear this consistently while training for the 6-12 months then I would highly recommend our #1 option.

#3 Rehband 7mm

[amazon box=”B0088KPT64″ title=”Rehband 7mm Wrap” link_title=”Rehband 7mm Wrap” description=”

  • Voted #3 by customers
  • 1,300+ customer reviews
  • Great Support & Stability
  • Comes in 5mm and 7mm
  • Many sizes available” /]

The design itself hails from Sweden, these knee-sleeves from Rehband are 7mm thick and made in classic Rehband royal blue.

These are one of the top sellers and among top athletes this is highly rated in particular for weightlifting, fitness competitions and paid relief. Some people size down but the size chart is considered accurate. If you need extra compression, considering sizing down one size.

It does provide a great amount of support and reviewers have reported that the pair stays in place while squatting, lifting, and doing a variety of other workouts.

The Swedish model as you can imagine ensures this is the perfect fit for customers. What sleeve would be complete without superior support and Rehband do not disappoint.

Please note these are sold as a single sleeve and not as a pair.

We do not recommend our visitors to use these for running as they are quite thick, rather opt for the 5mm below.

#4 Rehband Rx 5mm

[amazon box=”B01LDFRQKC” title=”Rehband Rx Knee Support 5mm” link_title=”Rehband Rx Knee Support 5mm” description=”

  • Voted #5 on crosstraininglife
  • 1380+ reviews online
  • Excellent Fit
  • Relieve Strain
  • Support & Stability
  • 1 Sleeve” /]

Feel stronger, let loose and feel your inner power again with this patented design by Rehband who deliver on their knee support sleeve with a 5mm thickness. This model comes in a variety of colors, from camo print to solids. It’s also available from extra small to 2x extra-large, with the price being for the pair. This is one of the better knee supports for running or basketball as they allow you flexible movement.

These are reported to slide on easily, without tugging pair. The soft fabric gives comfort as you pull them on and off, but the compression provides support and keeps them in place. They’re considered true to size.

Rated #4 in our list, we feel these are a great asset to anyone exerting pressure on their knee area through rigorous exercise. If you’re planning to wear these all day, then this isn’t the option we recommend. Look at our #1 choice for that.

Super supportive and allows movement, these are another great range from Rehband.

#5 ProFitness

[amazon box=”B01E0JZHJK” title=”Profitness Compression Knee Sleeves” link_title=”Profitness Knee Sleeves” description=”

  • Voted #5 on crosstraininglife
  • 390+ reviews online
  • Perfect Fit
  • Support & Stability – Approved
  • Comes with 2x knee braces.
  • 5 different sizes available” /]

The ProFitness Sleeves provide support and compression for anyone looking to get into powerlifting or a variety of other activities. It’s constructed to last a long time, with durable fabric and a unique seam pattern than prevents rips at the seam where other brands often bust with continued usage.

The brand offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and provide quality customer service. The 1-year warranty assures you will be happy with the product you receive! You won’t see any brand offer this if they don’t believe in their product.

Reviewers say they stay in place and are comfortable to wear and take off. At 7mm these are one of the stronger makes on the market currently, meaning you can squat for longer. The product itself arrives as a pair and the company have claimed they run out of stock frequently due to the large demand. Ideal for those looking for a compression sleeve that treats recovery from a meniscus tear.

These prevent injury like no other make on the market right, have many positive reviews in forums and online portals. We’re proud to be able to award them the #5 slot on our list. These also come in red, blue, black and grey.

#6 Stoic Knee Wraps

[amazon box=”B0743HHGSS” title=”Stoic Knee Support” link_title=”Stoic Knee Support” description=”

  • Unisex make
  • Ultra heavy weight
  • 7mm Sleeves
  • Premium quality
  • 6 sizes available
  • Many happy customers” /]

The Stoic Performance model are standard 7mm thick and made for all sorts of activities. They are ultra heavy duty and sell in pairs.

They are made to help users lift heavier without unnecessary knee strain. They are also sold to help reduce pain and provide added protection.

They are guaranteed to outlast any other product on the market, although there’s no mention of a warranty or refund policy.

They are extra long, however, adding more coverage than competitors’ products. Reviewers recommend them for reducing pain from lifting and other activities.

They have come out with numerous new iterations of their product and constantly strive to improve quality based on their customers’ feedback, making sure this product continues to improve.

#7 Nordic Lifting Knee Wrap

[amazon box=”B00SW2UHME” title=”Nordic Lifting Knee Wrap” link_title=”Nordic Lifting Knee Wrap” description=”

  • Unisex design
  • Sold as 1 pair
  • 5mm Sleeves
  • Perfect for cross training & tennis
  • Ultra support and compression
  • Prevents injury and pain.” /]

These knee wraps are also made by Nordic Lifting and sell for the pair. (Important to note as some do not) They are provided with a 1-year, no-hassle guarantee if you aren’t happy and the compression is proven to improve muscle recovery and prevent injuries.

They also help reduce pain when lifting or doing CrossFit.

Why Wear Knee Sleeves For Training

If you’re just getting into CrossFit, you might be overwhelmed with all the products that are on the market to help support you in your training. From special jump ropes to gloves and wrist wraps, you might be wondering if CrossFit is for you. But, before you think these products are just gimmicks, think again. Wrist wraps and sleeves for your knee serve similar purposes: to help you train harder by promoting muscle recovery and providing compression that can reduce the risk of injury and prevent pain. The main reasons have been highlighted down below.


There are plenty of reasons to wear knee support when you train. The top reason is to prevent injuries. By supporting your joints, knee-sleeves help protect you from injury. The compression works to support your knees as you bend them, and these sleeves are specifically designed to stay in place even as you squat, run, and move around. They won’t roll up or slip down, even with a lot of movement. It’s important that they stay in the right place, since the compression will help you avoid injuries caused from overworking or straining your muscles.

Improved Performance

Investing in one of the brands mentioned can also help improve your performance. Without them, you will be putting undue stress on your knees—something that you can’t necessarily build-up. When you squat and do other activities, the weight you’re lifting will be primarily being held up by your knee joints rather than by your calves and thighs. By using a compression sleeve, you’re taking some of this stress off your knees, supporting your joints and helping you focus on building your muscles safely. As you remove stress from your knees, you’ll find that after-workout aches begin to reduce and potentially disappear all together.


Additionally, you’ll also notice the compression itself can help with pain you are experiencing. In fact, you can use your new purchase to help as you recover from your workouts. The support they provide will help you prevent pain and injury as you go on about your day-to-day activities, so it’s very likely going to become something you wear during and after a hard workout as well.


Lastly, using one of the brands mentioned above will also provide warmth to your legs as you run. And, the material they are made of—when they are high quality—will help you take them on and off easily without tugging at your skin or pulling the hair on your legs. It’s important you get a high-quality knee sleeve that will provide support over the long-term without stretching out, splitting at the seams, or wearing down. All of the above are known for their quality, and many come with warranties to guarantee they will last.


As you get into CrossFit, knee sleeves will be one of those things you’ll simply have to purchase to keep your training going safe and strong. In addition to fabric that provides a comfortable and easy removal, the fabric itself will also provide a great deal of compression for your knees. This will support your knees as you workout, and support your knees as you recover from your workout. The compression will also help promote muscle recovery and prevent aches and pains caused by overworking your knees.

Wearing support will ensure your knees have less movement as you workout and help you recover quicker. The science of muscle compression is proven to help relieve pain and speed recovery, so there are countless reasons why you should invest, especially for your Cross training. High-quality sleeves will stay in place as you move around, so no worries about them bunching up, rolling up, or slipping down as you move. Many people use Knee support and they are often designed for squat lifting and running, so they are tested and designed to stay in the right place as you move around.

Size charts are considered pretty reliable when buying online since many models have some level of stretch to them. If you need extra compression, sizing down by one can help you find it to further support your knees as you workout. Whether you’re running, lifting, or doing any other sort of CrossFit training, kneesleeves will quickly become a necessity of your gym bag because of the warmth, support, and comfortable level of compression they provide as you go through your workout.

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