ASICS Mens GEL Intensity 3 Shoe – Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to shoes for training and fitness activities many men are searching for a product that is very versatile asics shoes for cross training
and can be used for a range of activities. A shoe that is designed for cross training means that you can save money on buying different shoes for different sports.

This guide on the ASICS Mens GEL Intensity 3 Cross Training Shoe is one we highly recommend you check out.

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Many people feel a little apprehensive about choosing trainer footwear because there are so many designs and makes that it can be a little overwhelming. In fact it begins to feel like choosing footwear is like buying a car because there are an incredible number of features and details to consider. However, one of the biggest indicators to help you is simply by trying it on.

Check Price on Amazon


That is one reason why it can be so helpful to visit Amazon and check out the user reviews to get a sense of what works for you. In fact everyone has unique needs when it comes to fit because each foot shape is different. Some people need plenty of arch support or wide widths and thankfully there are a great number of options to suit.

A feature that appeals to many people who want shock absorption and support in a fitness trainer is offered by this ASICS brand of men’s shoe. It is designed with gel inserts in the sole which helps as a shock absorber to protect your feet. Whether you are doing aerobics or running this shoe can help you to enjoy these activities and get plenty of support from your footwear.


Many people are also very concerned with the look of the footwear so it is great to know that this style is available in striking colors. In fact it is attractive enough to wear when walking around town or running errands without looking too much like you should be at a gym. Many people are looking for that all round marriage of style and practicality which this design offers.

If you would like to get further tips on this subject it is great to know there is a wealth of information available both on Amazon through their descriptions but more importantly through actual customer reviews.. For example you can find blogs which are dedicated entirely to men’s fashion and footwear. This is an opportunity to find out what new products are on offer and also to get a good sense of retailers and brands.

Many of these blogs helpfully include directories of retailers, shops and brands. As well, some blogs have reader forums where like minded readers may trade suggestions and tips. Remember that no matter what product you are shopping for that it is essential to do careful fact checking. Sadly there is much misinformation around so vetting your resources for accuracy is important. This is why carefully reading through Amazon reviews is so important.


Comfort is one of the main points that has delivered this shoe an incredible 4.5 star review across the net. With many people swearing by this shoe and going as far as only purchasing this shoe, you’re safe knowing these drive quality home all day long.

Like other versions of the Gel Intensity shoe, this continues to drive value home all day. Quality and comfort are words that come to mind when describing the shoe.

This supportive and sturdy trainers are the perfect fit for those exercise and gym fanatics.


Q. Can you run in these shoes?

Yes absoluely, in fact numerous Amazon reviews have claimed that users have completed 5k runs with these shoes. Some even boast of making great times.

Q. If I already have a pair of Amazon shoes will they likely fit in a similar fashion?

Yes absolutely. One thing to note about this particular shoe size is they run small and therefore this should be factored into the size you choose.

Q. Are these shoes bulky and heavy?

No, infact these shoes are extremely light but more importantly can hold up due their sturdy nature.

Q. Will these shoes last long?

These shoes are particularly sturdy and durable, meaning you should easily get 1.5-2 years out of them. (Depending on frequency of use). Many claim the shoe alone has improved their workout in a noticeable way due to thhe stabiility that they provide.


No matter which route you select when it comes to making a purchase, it is important to make safety the top priority throughout your shopping expedition whether in stores or online. This requires you to take the time to make sure that you can count on your choice to be safe and reliable.

Make sure to read the reviews that are readily available to you on the internet. These are the number one source to use to clarify any finer questions you might possibly have.

Ensuring that products, vendors and payment methods are secure, reputable and safe is a basic tenet of being a smart shopper. There are many resources to help you with this. For example you can find consumer guides in book stores, in libraries and on the Internet which are aimed at helping shoppers. Some of these guides focus in particular on fashion and footwear.

Lastly do not forget our free resource which may prove effective for your use. Taking the time to ask your friends and family for their suggestions may provide you with some very useful recommendations that you had not thought about. Take the opportunity to ask the right questions to get a sense of price ranges, types of products available and locations.

Although this is rated #2 in our overall selection of cross trainers, if you’re brand loyal and Asics cross trainers are your only choice then look no further than our Asics training guide. This guide has been updated for 2018 and includes all the relevant facts you need to know to make an informed choice on which shoes are best for you. We’ll be adding numerous other brands to the site so stay tuned. Here’s the Asics training shoes guide.

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